“I had fallen in the corner, hit my head and got a concussion.”

I ride at a local bike park (Duthie Hill) and am an advanced (black, double black diamond) freeride biker.

I just purchased the new Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V2 in part to have the additional face protection from the chin bar, but also the great fit and the light weight (note: my full DH helmet is the Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 for parks like Whistler).

I was riding the bigger lines all day and was then taking a blue run down to get to another line. This blue line has lots of fun bermed turns and little double rollers to jump or manual thru. The last thing I remember was manualing over a couple rollers going into a corner. The next thing I know I was standing at the top of the line we were going to, seeing my friend talking to me, not recognizing him and couldn’t remember the name of where I was.

I had fallen in the corner, hit my head and got a concussion. I wasn’t knocked unconscious but remember nothing of a 15-minute span where I got back on my bike, finished the run, and walked up the other run before being aware of anything.

Gratefully, although I had a grade 2 concussion, it wasn’t worse. The interesting thing is that I could not see damage on my helmet. I was examining my helmet for weeks. Then I finally felt (couldn’t see) a small depression in the outer shell. No markings. Then I looked closer at the foam in the vent close to that depression and noticed a wrinkling in the foam like after it is crushed. As I took out the liner, using a very bright light, I found a crack in the foam inner shell.


All to say, it did its job well, but as they say, if involved in a crash, get a new one. You can’t see what has been compromised on the helmet, and it won’t be able to protect the same way again.


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