Deterred his head from moving like a bobble head

It was Sunday March 30, 2014 at Milestone MX for the Ultimate Amateur Series, Round 2. We registered for the true beginner 4-6 year old class. At practice that morning as soon as the kids took off on the very first jump my son went over the bars face first banging his head against the ground; our Leatt Fusion brace deterred his head from moving like a bobble head on impact. He was able to get up without any injuries and finished his practice smoothly. About an hour later it was time to stage at the gate for his moto and he and I were pumped to get on the track and have fun. During his 2nd lap he again went over the bars on a jump this time landing on his head sideways and then at the snap of our fingers another rider wasn’t able to get out if the way and landed on my son while on the ground. The medic on the track examined my son and said the neck brace saved his life from the way he fell on his head.

I want to thank everyone at Leatt for creating such an excellent product for our kids. There is no doubt in my mind that Leatt has taken great measures in developing a product that saves kids lives, every day, on the track. My family and I will be wearing Leatt gear for as long as we are around dirt bikes and will recommend it to other youth riders and families. I also want to thank Chaparral Motorsports in San Bernardino CA for helping us choose the right and safest product.


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