“Your DBX 5.0 Helmet and 5.5 Neck brace saved my life.”

Thought that I would write to you and tell you my story of how your outstanding products saved my life.

On April 10 this year, I was heading out for a mountain bike ride at my local park of Skyline Queenstown as I had done many times before, first run I came off before I had even gotten to the trails. It was a fairly flat piece of ground with a small berm. Behind it was a wooden post and chain barrier to separate riders and people walking. I slid out on this corner, with my front wheel washing out.

I went head first into the wooden post and then must have rolled stopping a couple of meters away. It was a fairly low speed crash but had some massive impacts.

I broke/dislocated my T5/6 vertebrae, almost fully severing my spinal cord.
Broke four ribs, puncturing both lungs.
Snapped the bottom off of my right shoulder blade.
These injuries have left me a T5 complete Paraplegic.

It is my belief that without the solid construction of the helmet and effectiveness off the neck brace that I would be at best a high level tetraplegic with a severe head injury, and at worse dead.
My main regret is that not 15 minutes earlier I had decided not to put on my Leatt 3DF body vest.

I have included some photos of my helmet to show the severity of the damage. Not only is it cracked in at least four places but the whole shell from jaw guard is warped.

I am very pleased that I decided to spend money with your NZ importers ADU Industries to buy your gear. I will be buying more once I can afford it

Liam Keenan


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