“The DBX 3.0 did what it supposed to do”

Have been wearing the Leatt DBX 3.0 helmet for a few months now along with the Leatt Airflex Pro knee pads.

We were riding The Full Enchilada as a group of 9 on this Saturday just after raining overnight. On the UPS portion of the trail I went off a 3-4 foot drop to rock garden landing. I was riding at a pretty good pace and when the front tire landed in the rocks it sent me over the bars. I landed on the top of the helmet on a jagged rock and rolled a bit further.

I was shaken up some, but was not in much pain. After checking myself out and getting my bearing again I took off my helmet and was amazed at the dent in the top of the helmet. There was a deformity in the shell and compression of the foam in the shape of a triangle from the rock hit. The helmet did its job perfectly. I was a little sore in the neck and shoulder but did not have a headache. I am a physician and ran through a mini concussion protocol with myself and my riding buddies and was doing good.

I have never had a helmet sustain that amount of damage before in a crash, but the DBX 3.0 did what it supposed to do. It performed just as it was designed to do and left me uninjured.

I already have a new DBX 3.0 Enduro on order. I’ll be wearing Leatt protection from now on.

Thanks for an awesome product.

Kyle Hampton


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