“We completely believe in the Leatt brace and if our experiences help someone else come into the family then that is great!”

The crash happened on the second race of Saturday ( Round 3 of the WORCS series ) and he was riding in the Production 250 Sport class. There were three side by side races between his first race and his second race so the track had become very rutted out from the side by sides.

Gordon got the hole shot and was riding hard, as he wanted to break away from the one boy he usually battles with for the majority of each race. As he came around the turn, to start heading down by the lake, the quad caught a rut and he says the bars just went where they wanted to and next thing he knows he is flying through the air and cart wheeling back to earth!

In the first race the turn had been smooth and a fast turn so he stayed on the gas going into it and had no idea that it would be so rutted out. He got some cuts and scrapes on his lower back, small of the back area, as well as on his left love handle area. In addition his hip and left thigh were bruised up, as well as his inside right forearm area. He was sore on pretty much his entire left side the next morning, and really had a difficult time walking because of the pain, but once the race started he said he didn’t feel it that much anymore! Gordon is 13 years old right now, turns 14 on April 30th.

The Fusion 2.0 looks to be intact and in more or less decent shape. I pulled his back number plate and the printed line across the back is still intact and has not broken. When he first got off the track you could tell that he made a pretty good impact on the left side of the Leatt, but other that some light tearing of the mesh covering over the soft armor it looks to be in good shape.

Here is a Go Pro video from Gordon’s crash at the Havasu WORCS round.  Was a pretty good crash but as usual the Leatt did awesome and kept him safe! Thanks again for all the support!

CLICK HERE to watch the VIDEO of his crash. 

On the video, feel free to use it, share it, what ever you want / need to with it. We completely believe in the Leatt brace and if our experiences help someone else come into the family then that is great! Not only did Gordon get up and finish that race but he had 2 more races the following day and managed a 2nd and a 4th being all banged up and the quad having a frame that was broken in 6 different spots! Tough little man, 8+ years of MMA fighting will make you that way!

Thank You
Dean Tarnow



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