A big thank you!

I just wanted to write to Leatt to tell you about how highly I rate your products.

I started wearing a neck brace around 3 years ago following an accident while out on my local DH trails which really frightened me.  I hit a big step up I hadn’t hit in a while and went in way too quick.  Long story short, I was already going over the bars as I went off the lip, I cleared the landing without my bike and landed head first without much attempt to break my fall.  The next morning I sneezed while brushing my teeth and the left side of my face paralysed for around 5 seconds.  My wife is a dentist and told me that I’d bruised my facial nerve.  Luckily there was no permanent damage but it gave me a serious fright and I ordered a Leatt GPX carbon neck brace the next day.

I haven’t ridden without it since and I was very glad of that 2 weeks ago on a trip to Whistler.  I had been riding all day and felt right up to speed on Schleyer.  I decided to put in a timed lap and was pushing hard.  I’m not entirely sure what happened but I think my front wheel washed out as I was turning into a rock slab drop.  I know I landed head first a long way down the slab, very heavy and in a position where I did little to break my fall, the back of my D3 helmet was completely delaminated from the impact, the muscles in my neck felt strained and my head was absolutely spinning.  I’ve been riding for 25 years and have lost count of how many crashes I’ve had but there is no doubt that as impacts go that was right up there with my very worst and it was absorbed almost exclusively by my head. Within a week I wouldn’t even have known I have crashed that day and I feel like I owe my spine and head to my helmet and neck brace, perhaps even my life.

Thank you for continuing to develop top products for athletes, they really are making a difference.

Kind regards,
Kierin Brogan


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