“Thanks for inventing and developing the Leatt protective gear”

To Whom it May Concern

I felt I needed to just say thank you , your protective gear really works. I have been riding enduro’s for about 10 years and slowly as I got older I felt the need to buy protective gear as my recovery times seem to be getting longer and longer. I was guided by Simon Warne at Wild Coast KTM to purchase the Leatt products. I have had little falls and never thought much of the protective gear helping as most of the time it was at low speed. This weekend I was doing Peak to Peak extreme enduro in Barkley East and hit an overhead wire that a farmer had installed to secure his gate poles. The wire went in under my visor and above my goggles. I was doing about 20km/h and it ripped me straight off my bike backwards. I was wearing the Leat5.5 neck brace with the chest protector. The force of the cable hitting my helmet would surly have broken my neck but my helmet seemed to have locked against the neck brace and transferred the impact to my trapezius muscle. I was able to continue and finish the three day ride. Its seven days ago since it happened and I have a little pain in the muscles attached to my upper chest. I am 51 years old male and little pain after a ride is normal. Once again thanks for inventing and developing the Leatt protective gear.

Malcolm Mac Sherry


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