What our Athletes Say

“If it were not for that there is know way I would have gotten up”

This Story starts back in March of 2020. On a quick mtb ride I crashed hard and bruised my liver. I was only wearing helmet but my torso took all impact as did my ribs and liver. After taking a few months to recover I got back on the bike and started riding again, unwilling …

Kyle H, NJ , United States

“Other than being a little sore he walked away just fine”

Thank you to all you people at Leatt Protectives. My 7 year old took a nasty crash in his 4th moto last night. I feel confident that he wouldn’t have walked away from this one without his Leatt vest. Pretty much destroyed the vest, but other than being a little sore he walked away just …

Adam Watkins, USA

“The armour obviously did it’s work as I basically walked away”

Hi there, just thought I’d send you guys a message of thanks. I had an off on the motorway last week at 117kmph. I slid for what felt like a lifetime. Anyway thanks to your 5.5 armour I came out just sore and grazed on my top half. I only got a bit of road …

Greg Anderson, USA

“The DBX 3.0 did what it supposed to do”

Have been wearing the Leatt DBX 3.0 helmet for a few months now along with the Leatt Airflex Pro knee pads. We were riding The Full Enchilada as a group of 9 on this Saturday just after raining overnight. On the UPS portion of the trail I went off a 3-4 foot drop to rock …

Kyle Hampton, CO, USA

“They are light, easy to adjust and to put on and take off “

At 69 I’m more brittle and prone to injury. I ride Vintage Trials all summer and have had a lot of knee issues the past two years. I needed protection and support for both knees without losing flexibility and movement. I’m super happy with my Z-frames, I don’t feel them at all while riding and …

Dave Morrow, Ontario, Canada

“Overall I am VERY impressed with this product “

I was recently in a pretty bad accident I landed on top of a down bike coming down from a jump I was ejected 30ft off of my bike landing on my head, I ended up breaking my t7 t8 t9 and t10 in my back as well as my left humerus and a bruised …

Ashley Volner, Oregon, USA

“Thanks for inventing and developing the Leatt protective gear”

To Whom it May Concern I felt I needed to just say thank you , your protective gear really works. I have been riding enduro’s for about 10 years and slowly as I got older I felt the need to buy protective gear as my recovery times seem to be getting longer and longer. I …

Malcolm Mac Sherry, Barkley East

“Highly recommend this product! “

Too many incidents to count! When you go down hard and you stand up with no pain but know you landed hard on or near the knee you know the brace did its job! I had to replace the patella cap a couple months back due to a hard fall. Zero damage to my knee. …

Ryan Young, CA, USA

“Thank you everyone at Leatt for making this product and continuing to produce gear that keeps riders safe”

Dear Leatt, I wanted to take a moment to thank your company for your continued support of the sport I love so much. I have been wearing Leatt Products for nearly 10 years now and unfortunately had a chance to truly test one of your products this past weekend. On November 11th, 2018 I woke …

Kyle Negus, Orovada, Nevada, USA

“The crash sucked, but didn’t hurt one bit!”

[After my crash] I was definitely sore for a while after Rampage. Been chilling a bit since I got back home though and just letting the body heal a bit. Chiro helped me pretty huge too. Crazy the toll that place takes on your body. The crash sucked, but didn’t hurt one bit! I was …

Tyler McCaul, USA

“The helmet did its job and I’ll live to ride another day!”

I was racing at WW Ranch just outside of Jacksonville FL. for the big money Pro Am race. There was a big purse as well as a $500 holeshot award for the start of all 250 and 450 pro motos. Well, I was determined to take advantage of that and nailed the 250 start by …

Austin Winslow, Jacksonville, USA

“Leatt is by far the most comfortable protective gear I’ve ever used!”

“While racing Donner Hare Scramble 2018, I hit a rock and went over the handlebars. Thanks to my Leatt helmet, neck brace, chest protector, elbow and knee pads, I was able to jump up and finish the race virtually unscathed!! Leatt is by far the most comfortable protective gear I’ve ever used!” – Gavyn Wosey, California, …

Gavyn Wosey, California, United States

“As I hit the rock, I knew that it was going to end badly”

I misjudged the take-off on a rock at very high speed. Mid-air I came to the conclusion that I either had to push my front wheel down into a rock or fly off the track into a tree. I chose the rock. Luckily, I was wearing my DBX 3.0 Enduro Helmet. As I hit the …

Norway, Kristiansand, Norway

“Any parent that allows their child to race without a chest protector and neck brace clearly needs to be educated”

Brennan is 14 years old and races the Hare Scramble in Ohio on a KTM 105. Last year, we did GNCC and he finished 7th. Just to let you know…he is fast. When he wrecks, it’s at a fast pace. Last Sunday, he was in control of the race until he lost control of his …

Brennan Rydarowicz, Ohio , USA

“We completely believe in the Leatt brace and if our experiences help someone else come into the family then that is great!”

The crash happened on the second race of Saturday ( Round 3 of the WORCS series ) and he was riding in the Production 250 Sport class. There were three side by side races between his first race and his second race so the track had become very rutted out from the side by sides. …

Dean Tarnow, USA

“My DBX 6.0 Carb V23 helmet kept me safe from a concussion”

I need to say thank you to my sponsor Leatt and their products. I crashed in a high speed section during practice in the 1st Pro GRT at Windrock Bike Park. I slammed head and shoulder first into a berm doing around 30 mph. My DBX 6.0 Carb V23 helmet kept me safe from a …

Joshua "Juice" Rogers, USA

“Thank goodness for this helmet!”

I purchased a Leatt 5.5 helmet a year ago after researching the best helmets you can buy. I wanted it for the safety and the airflow it provided. I race off-road in the Pro class, and last weekend I was racing on a high spend section. I was probably doing 80mph on a single track, …

Matty Cee, United States

“The Leatt 4.5 Pro chest protector saved my back from being seriously injured”

Today I had a serious wipeout on the MX Track. I wiped out on the one jump as I landed. There was another rider not too far behind me. I was wearing my Leatt 4.5 Pro Chest Protector on, together with my Leatt neck brace. I’m sure the neck brace also assisted in me not …

Wernich Van Der Walt, Gauteng, South Africa

“He returned to racing three weeks after his crash.”

Kaden Woodie was racing in Deadwood SD when the accident happened. His recovery is going well, he has gotten back to riding and racing and is very thankful for the FXR Mobile Medical Team, and especially Dr Parsons. He returned to racing three weeks after his crash in NY this past weekend Here are some …

Kaden Woodie, Deadwood, SD

“As the medical director for the FXR Mobile Medical Team, I encourage riders in all motosports to wear Leatt cervical spine protection.”

As the medical director for the FXR Mobile Medical Team, I encourage riders in all motosports to wear Leatt cervical spine protection.  On January 20,2018, a serious incident occurred at the ISOC national snocross event in Deadwood, SD.  The Leatt protected rider sustained injuries that required immediate medical intervention.  The Leatt brace prevented hyperflexion, extension, …

Kenneth Parsons, Deadwood, SD

“I had fallen in the corner, hit my head and got a concussion.”

I ride at a local bike park (Duthie Hill) and am an advanced (black, double black diamond) freeride biker. I just purchased the new Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V2 in part to have the additional face protection from the chin bar, but also the great fit and the light weight (note: my full DH helmet …

Steve K, Washington, USA

“Your passion and foresight in preventing crippling and life-ending neck injuries . . . has led to another survivor who is not paralyzed.”

Your passion and foresight in preventing crippling and life-ending neck injuries in motorcyclists and other wheeled sports participants, has led to another survivor who is not paralyzed from what should have been a life ending or permanently paralyzing motorcycle wreck. Please extend my personal and professional gratitude as one physician to another to Dr. Leatt, …

Paul K. Nolan, MD, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

“Your DBX 5.0 Helmet and 5.5 Neck brace saved my life.”

Thought that I would write to you and tell you my story of how your outstanding products saved my life. On April 10 this year, I was heading out for a mountain bike ride at my local park of Skyline Queenstown as I had done many times before, first run I came off before I …

Liam Keenan, Queenstown, Australia

“You chose a good neck brace, you better thank the company. Your neck has zero damage, and all the scans look perfect.”

“You chose a good neck brace, you better thank the company. Your neck has zero damage, and all the scans look perfect.” At that moment, I knew I was a Leatt brace customer for life. I am writing you to say thank you, from myself, my wife and my four daughters. My name is Steven …

Steven Toutant, Ohio, USA

“I reckon the side protection from the HD PRO 5.5 could have even saved a broken rib or two.”

I did the Powasol Dragonsback Xtreme event recently and there was a steep, long downhill. I was pulling the front brakes as hard as I could (without locking the wheel), and I hit quite a big rock and went flying off the bike. I slammed into the rocky ground, and the bike came crashing down, …

Jason Barry

“If you think you’re invincible and incapable of getting seriously injured, you’re wrong.”

If you think you’re invincible and incapable of getting seriously injured, you’re wrong. You will fall, that’s how you get better and learn, it’s the fact of riding. The questions no one can answer is when, how hard, and how extensive the injuries will be. It’s been three weeks since I was practicing for a …

Madison Marie Tippetts, Wyoming, USA

“I cannot thank you guys at Leatt enough”

I cannot thank you guys at Leatt enough for the neck braces you make. On Saturday, July 8th, 2017 I was racing my TRX450ER ATV at a local cross country series called AWRCS when I hit a kicker in 4th-5th gear at an estimated 50-55 M.P.H. when I began to roll. I rolled over six …

Austin Weller, Pennsylvania, USA

“I am more than amazed at how well the neck brace protected me”

I want to thank you for making safety equipment that not only saved my life, but I believe played a critical role in me functioning properly today. I have been wearing the DBX neck brace since 2014, due to how comfortable and light the brace is. Over the years I took a few spills, nothing …

Michael Grischenko

“I have never needed it…until a couple days ago”

I’ve been racing motorcycles since I was five years old and I now have 20 years of experience. I race pro mx1 in the local area. When I was 16 and just turned intermediate and bought the KTM edition carbon fiber Leatt moto GPX neck brace. I’ve worn it religiously all these years and I …

Tyler Hildebrand, British Columbia, Canada

“I want to thank you for such a well-made product”

I want to thank you for such a well-made product. I recently purchased a GPX 6.5 helmet after a crash last winter damaged my previous 6D. The fit out of the box was great and I appreciated the light weight and how well the goggles fit. At the first race of the summer, this new …

Will Durdik, Alaska, USA

“…they were worried about blood on my brain.”

My name is Kyle Zirbes, I’m 18 years old and live in central Minnesota. On June 28th I was racing in Mora Minnesota, at Berm Benders Raceway. It was the first moto of 250c (we were the 19th race of the day the track was very rough), and I was in 6th place passing for …

Kyle Zirbes, Minnesota, USA

“The Leatt Brace saved me from a broken neck.”

The Leatt Brace saved me from a broken neck in 2010! I was racing Ponca City the week before Loretta’s and went over the bars in a small rhythm section. I went over so fast that my knees trapped by arms behind the bars and I couldn’t put my arms out to break my fall. …

Matt Tedder Sr, Ponca City, USA

“The Leatt C-frame knee brace has undoubtedly changed the way I am able to enjoy Kite Surfing!”

I injured my knee for the first time roughly ten years ago, which resulted in an complete ACL reconstruction. Then, three years ago I did further damage to the same knee while I was playing action cricket. This resulted in an operation, as my meniscus had to be stitched. During this operation, the doctor noticed …

Jean-Paul Friederich, Cape Town, South Africa

“If it wasn’t for my Leatt protection, the crash would’ve been a lot worse.”

I was racing at the WORCS Race at South Point Casino, Las Vegas on February 27th in the Pro 2 Lites class until this happened. I hurt my back and got bad road rash. I was in a lot of pain but my doctor said everything is fine. I just got a little bit banged …

Collin Elliott, Las Vegas, USA

“His Leatt neck brace saved his neck.”

My 12-year-old son was racing at a Loretta’s qualifier in Richland, WA. He blew through a turn and was flipping through the air. He landed on his head first and then flipped onto his side. His Leatt neck brace saved his neck. The brace broke in four different places, but he didn’t have any neck …

Travis Christensen, Richland, United States

“I broke three vertebrae and had major surgery.”

This is a big message of thanks! I recently had a huge motocross crash at the Bridgestone British nationals. I broke three vertebrae and had major surgery only ten days ago. I want to thank Leatt because, if it was not for the fact that I was wearing my Leatt neck brace, doctors suspects that …

Joshua Hope, UK

“Without Leatt, I don’t know if I would ever have been able to ride again.”

I crashed hard during a jump run at a bike park, went OTB and onto my head. When the EMTs arrived and got me loaded onto the vehicle, they said if it wasn’t for my Leatt DBX neck brace I would have broken my neck for sure and have had to be airlifted out. The …

Ben Azoulay, NJ, USA

“I am now a believer by experience”

I am not particularly the best rider on the planet but I am not too bad for a girl. I can keep up with most of the guys. My bike is an 07 Kawasaki KX250F (with a 270cc bore kit). Recently my husband and I were waiting for some moisture to happen and when it …

Zoe Verbauwhede, British Columbia, Canada

“if it was not for their products I would be in a wheel chair…or worse”

I am writing to tell all of you at Leatt that I am grateful that I am still alive. Approximately two years ago (2014), I made a $300 investment and I can honestly say that it saved my life. If you are thinking about buying a Leatt neck brace, DO IT! Let me tell you …

Michael Williams, Louisiana, USA

“the chest protector he was wearing protected his vital organs and saved his life”

I’m writing to deeply thank you guys for making such a good product. My husband was in a horrible freak accident on May 19th, with a stuck throttle on a dirt bike and him pinned under it. His left arm was sucked into the rear tire and pinned between the swing arm and the tire …

Adam and Kim Gray

“I was told that I lied there motionless for a few seconds”

I compete in the ATV Triple Crown race series in Alberta Canada. This is a MX race series for ATV and UTV’s. This incident happened at Round 5, July 23rd 2016, White Ridge MX Park. It was the last lap in the last moto in the Junior class (same as production C). I was fighting …

Jonas Alm, Alberta, Canada

“I want to thank Leatt and the staff for their magnificent work “

On the 2nd of July, my ten-year-old son Angel Maria Blanco suffered a serious accident.  His kart went through the air, and he unfortunately fell on his head with his kart flipping over for several meters. I want to thank Leatt and the staff for their magnificent work and for “saving lives from a distance” …

Francisco Blanco Alvarez

“Life is slowly returning to normal and I have the whole Leatt company to thank for that”

On July 30th 2016, I was riding at my private practice track in Minnesota where I had a substantial MX accident.  I was going over a 40’ step down jump in 3rd gear and went off the lip. I’m not sure what happened. I looked over at the bike in the superman position and knew …

Chris Heppding, Minnesota, USA

“If it weren’t for my Leatt shin guards, I probably wouldn’t have walked away unharmed that night”

I had purchased a pair of Leatt Dual Axis knee and shin guards to wear under my Kevlar riding jeans for added protection while riding my ZX-10. On June 8th, my Stepdad hit a deer head-on and completely shattered everything from his knees to his toes in both legs, leaving him unable to walk for …

R.P, Wisconsin, USA

“I honestly believe that I’d be in a different situation if I wasn’t wearing it”

I was lucky enough to be wearing one of your leatt neck braces during my fall – and I honestly believe that I’d be in a different situation if I wasn’t wearing it. I was at my local scadson freeride park, building my confidence to jump again after years of being away from it. I …

Scott Bathard, UK

“I know that it prevented me from breaking my neck”

On a downhill mountain bike run at Kalmunda Farrell Grove, I had a bad landing after a jump that sent me face first into a tree. My head whipped back and my full-face helmet thankfully stopped upon contact with my Leatt DBX 5 .5. I did the same thing in July 2014 and punctured my …

Geoff McFadden, Australia

“My family are all very thankful for your safety gear”

To whom it may concern, I wanted to write a note to thank everyone at Leatt for making products to help protect my son when he is racing his dirt bike.  Hunter has been racing motocross for the past 5 years and is currently a factory Yamaha 85cc racer. Hunter has always worn both Leatt …

Kari Cross, Texas, USA

“I would like to personally thank the entire Leatt company and design team for this wonderful piece of safety equipment which I can credit to saving my life”

I am writing this letter to thank the owners of and the design team at Leatt. I was practicing for an upcoming race on Easter Sunday when, for some unknown reason, my bike flicked sideways badly. I was unable to correct it, and when I landed I was high-sided off the bike which in turn …

Steve Goody, Australia

It was the worst crash I’ve ever had in 10 yrs of riding downhill mountain bikes

The take off felt fine but as I was approaching the landing I noticed I was drifting to the right and I was gonna come up short.

John Rowan, USA

I got thrown over the bars at speed, and hit the ground head first

This track was brand new and no one had ridden it before so it wasn’t ready to take the beating of one of the biggest turn outs for a NSW State event in years. 

Matt Staggs, Sydney, Australia

Right after the first impact I was knocked out

For the next 30 minutes I just had a few short moments of recollection as I was passing in and out of consciousness.

Hannes Slavik, JBC 4X Revelations 2014

…When my throttle stuck wide open.

Nobody (myself included) could believe that I had walked off the track.

Elijah Hovorka, Newaygo, Michigan, USA

Instantly I was sent into a state of shock

I came off the bike in the opposite direction and smashed head first straight into a thick tree

Elliot Davis, Queensland, Australia

A big thank you!

I just wanted to write to Leatt to tell you about how highly I rate your products.

Kierin Brogan

I should have been dead! But I could tell my collar was busted

I went off the lip two inches too far to the left and missed the landing by about 3 feet

Sterling Petersen, Springville, Ut

…tossed from the bike resulting in the bike and myself cartwheeling down the finish line hill

Second lap of the second moto, from what I hear I went sideways in the air, came up short and was tossed from the bike resulting in the bike and myself cartwheeling down the finish line hill.

Heather Boschert, Johnstown, PA, USA

People behind me were saying, ‘I think he’s dead’

Brooks Weyandt knew his efforts were in vain, even as he braced himself for impact.

Steve Surber, Dover, USA

I thank God that I had my Leatt Neck Brace on

I hit the tree full speed and it took my front wheel right out from under me sending me flying head first into the ground.

Nick Purdy, Danville, Indiana, USA

My daughter is living proof they work

As I finally approached Chelsy I had a huge sigh of relief because she was sitting up and holding her arm. Wow! Went thru my mind. The Leatt neck brace just saved my daughter’s life.

John and Chelsy Wisniewski, Wheeler, WI, USA

“My Leatt neck brace saved my life”

I was in the home stretch of a 250 mile off-road race this past Saturday, as it was the first race of the new season defending last year’s SCORE International Off-Road World Professional Motorcycle Championship. About one mile from the finish, a spectator drove their truck past the police barricades and onto the racecourse heading …

Paul Thomas, Julian, CA, USA

I am still here because of your outstanding product.

The major injuries included: broken Back at the L-1 vertebrae, broken Ribs, a torn Spleen and a bulging Aorta. A stent implant saved my heart, and no spine damage occurred so I have full feeling and motion. I suffered no spine damage!!! I suffered no neck injury!!!

Eric Larson, California, USA

…my Doctor and Physio team were amazed…

I want to thank Leatt Protectives for their great support! I crashed hard 2 weeks ago at the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross WorldCup in my semi.

David Graf, Switzerland, UCI BMX Supercross WorldCup

“I am so thankful for the leatt neck brace and protective gear”

May 10th, 2015 started like any other race day, this time we were in Odessa New York for Round 6 Of the GNCC Cross Country Series (Dunlop Tomahawk). My Son Ryon McManus competes in the Open B class, (currently in second place in points) and has been riding dirt bikes since he was 5 years …

Scott McManus, New York, USA

“….I wouldn’t be here today”

I was riding in the mountains of Montana with my two buddies Jason Lavigne and Eric Nelson. It was almost dusk and I was clipping along pretty good and the next thing I know I get knocked off my bike backwards. I got up and I felt light headed. Then Jason and Eric show up …

Todd Breth, Montana, USA

“I am a firm believer in the safety of Leatt products after my incidents”

My name is Kameron Barboa and I am 17 years old. I qualified for the 2015 Amsoil Amateur National Arenacross Championships. Weeks of mental and physical preparation went into the event. Practice went well on May 2nd. I qualified fastest in two classes. Everything was seeming to click. Prior to race day I was extremely …

Kameron Barboa, USA

“if it wasn’t for the leatt neck brace and chest protector, he would have been severely injured”

On August 15 2015 my son, Chase, who is 13 was racing at Appalachian Fair Grounds in Johnson City TN. He hit a double and didn’t clear it. He flew off of the bike and his helmet hit first therefore making the rest of his body fly over his head. The CRF 150R landed on …

Phil and Chase Miller, Johnson City TN, USA

“The medical team at the hospital praised his protective equipment”

My son too had an accident that made for lesser injuries because of his Leatt Neck brace and other safety equipment. The accident happened at The Bridgestone Nationals at Penybont, during the 3rd lap of the second race on Saturday 1st August 2015. Lloyd was pulling through after a bad start and was in around …

Tracy Thomas, South Wales, uk, United Kingdom

“…if it was not for my Leatt Brace and Helmet I would not be here to tell the story.”

Hi there I wanted to let you know about a serious accident I had on the 11th of July in Morzine, France. I was riding my Downhill bicycle down a steep trail when I somehow crashed and fell down the mountain – before falling 40ft off a cliff’s edge and being caught by a tree. …

Adele Woodbridge, Morzine, France

He did no damage to his neck or spine

Last weekend my son, Mathew Callaghan # 152 Verde Sports Racing motocross rider, had a very unfortunate accident whilst competing in the Pro Fastest 40 class at the MX Nationals event at Culham ,near Oxford ,UK.

Janice Callaghan, Bolton, UK

I was able to walk away from a severe crash

I’d just like to thank all at Leatt for the brilliant support provided by the STX neck brace, as it meant I was able to walk away from a severe crash at Scunthorpe Speedway with only a broken wrist, despite taking a massive blow to the head and neck (enough to seriously damage my helmet!).

Reece Downes, Sheffield, UK

See how much the Leatt can help prevent your child from serious injury

As a parent I just happened to catch my youngest son, Cole Coker #7 50CC 8 years old, crash on video and thought we should share so other parents can actually see how much the Leatt can help prevent your child from serious injury.

Erik Coker, Alameda, CA, USA

Deterred his head from moving like a bobble head

It was Sunday March 30, 2014 at Milestone MX for the Ultimate Amateur Series, Round 2. We registered for the true beginner 4-6 year old class.

Anthony, California, USA

Leatt ultimately saved my life

It was the first race meet of the season (9th Feb., 2014) at AJS motorcycle club and the first race of the day.

Harley Wyatt, Australia

“I thought he was dead”. That is how bad the crash was.

On Feb.1st, 2014, on his third ride at a practice day at North King County MC Club, Joshua cartwheeled off the bike (lucky he was wearing his new Leatt vest), but this was not all…

Ms Waller, New Zealand

The rider behind me couldn’t believe I got up and walked away.

On my first ride out, with the neck brace on, I came off head first over the front of my bike and went head on into a bank cracking my helmet (darn it!) and knocking me out briefly.

Rocky, New Zealand

I can’t understand how you are not paralyzed.

I felt my shoulder dislocate and explode, the noise was so loud that I thought that I had died. A second later I picked up my head and realized I could feel my fingers and toes.

Jake Middleditch, Nelson, B.C., Canada

…head and shoulder first into the face of the next jump

We, my family, and his doctor, firmly believe that the equipment Max had on, and has had on, saved his lifestyle, and perhaps life, namely the “Leatt brace”

Jay Williams, Walton Raceway, Canada

6 broken bones in his back

… and yet he walked away from the accident, and has nearly made a full recovery.

Anita Bell, Leybourn, Queensland, Australia

30 years in the Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine field

The frustration as a medical professional in these situations is paramount as we prepare for the worse and hope for the best but sometimes there is nothing we can do despite all our efforts.  Along comes the Leatt Brace…

Rick Bahr, Many Cities, Worldwide

Over the drop and head first into a rock

Having had a back crash without a neck brace and slightly slipping my C1 and C2 before I always ride my downhill bike with a Leatt so it’s nice to be told by a doctor that it worked!

Andrew L, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Thank you Leatt Brace. You saved my life.

I had a severe concussion and was unconscious for about a minute. I also had about 8 fractures in my spinal column and a severe tear in my left knee. But I swear by my Leatt neck brace.

Shawn, Canada

Marvin Musquin talks about his crash before the Toronto Supercross

During the crash, my head went all the way back but my Leatt stopped it before it went too far back.

Marvin Musquin, Toronto, Canada

I used to say ‘I don’t need a Leatt brace; I don’t ride fast enough.’

…“magically” a giant rock, about knuckle high, appears out of the right side of the trail and at full sprint, I smash my fist right into it. It immediately kicks my bars 90 degrees to the right, full stop.

Heather Baroody, B.C., Canada

I remember thinking to myself, as I stared at the ground, “This is not going to be good.”

The sled and I tumbled for a bit and after the snow settled, I was able to get back up, close up my sled, and continue the race.

Craig R.

I hit the ground with great force and was knocked out immediately.

 There is a 110 foot gap jump on this track that I was hitting perfect all day and the next lap around my foot fell off the peg on the take off, 15feet in the air, I was bounced off the bike. 

Tyler Wiggins, Utah, USA

I am writing you as many riders do, thanking you for a great product

I had a crash on my quad at DT1 MX track in Tulare, CA. While jumping a double, I had done many times before, the rear tires caught the lip of the landing and sent me over the bars

Jared V., Fresno, California, USA

I threw the bike away from myself and closed my eyes.

I very clearly remember thinking I was in big trouble and suddenly felt myself slam headfirst into the hard dirt, followed by my left hand shoulder and side.

Joneen Houghton, Perth, Western Australia

The front tire was still wedged in a rut and I started to go over the handlebars.

Some of the spectators and the medics said that I would’ve been in worse condition if I hadn’t had my Leatt neck brace on.

Ethan Folkmann, British Columbia, Canada


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