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Young Leatt Team Aces Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship 2016

We are proud of our young Leatt elite amateur athletes who have made their mark at the recent Loretta event

The 2016 Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship recently took place in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee at the Loretta Lynn Ranch. The series of regional qualifiers ensured that only the best amateur motocross riders that the world has to offer competed in the event, and the Leatt Elite Amateur team who took part made quite the impression with their excellent results.


Carson Mumford

The weather during the Championship proved to make things even more challenging, with heavy rainfall resulting in muddy conditions and even rougher deep ruts when the track dried out. Riders certainly had to fight for the Loretta’s Champion title and the riding conditions caused some bad luck amongst the Leatt Amateur team – and with the three moto format, any mistake could cost one’s chances for an Overall (OA) title. If riders wanted a chance to claim victory, they needed clean, consistent motos to win at the ranch.


Luke Purther

Our Leatt Team showed the speed and ability to win in even the roughest conditions, but also proved that even the best riders can make mistakes. They secured excellent results in the championship, in particular Daxton Bennick and Matthew Leblanc who claimed top spots on the podiums in their categories.


Aiden Tijero

We are proud of the entire Elite Amateur Team and their accomplishments this season and look forward to continued support of their racing goals.


Luke Purther – 5th OA 250A

Garrett Marchbanks – Moto Wins in 250B & Schoolboy 2

Jake Pinhancos – 3rd OA 250B Limited

Antonio Calavano – 3rd OA 250C & 2nd OA 450C

Daxton Bennick – 1st OA 65 (7-9) Limited

Matthew Leblanc – 1st OA 65 (7-11)

Max Miller – 2nd OA Mini Sr 1 & 3rd OA Supermini 1

Carson Mumford – 3rd OA Mini Sr 2

Aiden Tijero – 3rd OA Supermini 2


Garrett Marchbanks


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