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Tucker Hibbert takes home his ninth consecutive gold medal at the X Games Aspen



Leatt Athlete Tucker Hibbert had a flawless race at the X Games Aspen and took home his 9th consecutive gold medal. The now 14-time X Games medalist took the holeshot and led every lap of both his qualifying race and the final Thursday evening at Buttermilk Mountain.


Tucker had this to say after the race: 

“I feel honored to win nine golds in-a-row. It’s an awesome experience to come to X Games, compete and have the success we [the team] have had. It feels great. All the hard work is paying off and it’s a lot of fun.”

“I didn’t have any expectations for the track. Every year it’s different so I don’t try to anticipate what it’s going to be. It’s definitely an advantage to be able to adapt and ride any kind of track and do it well. I think that’s a key to my success. With my experience and all the different conditions I’ve raced in, it’s an advantage for me.”

“We got in some really solid testing before X Games. Steve from Speedwerx worked hard with us to get our clutching setup for the holeshot and it showed.”

“I don’t have a master plan or big goal of winning a certain amount of medals. I want to keep racing as long as I’m competitive and am still enjoying it.”


Read Tuckers full press release here.

Photo Credit: John Hanson


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