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Trey Canard: Best Video Moments

2013, Anaheim. Credit: Ryne Swanberg
2013, Anaheim. Credit: Ryne Swanberg

With all the hype around Trey Canard‘s official announcement that he is retiring from professional racing, we decided to go back and look at some of our favorite videos captured of him – from serious to funny – over the years.

Sit back and enjoy!

2008: Trey Canard riding at his new house

Talk about a major throwback!

2009: Trey Canard – How to Scrub

A young Trey shows you how to scrub.

2012: Trey Canard intreview with Amanda at American Honda

Listen to what Trey had to say back then about his racing and his back injury.

2013: In the Beginning: Trey Canard Story (Trailer)

So, this is just the trailer but it gives you a good idea of how far he has come and how much passion and effort he has always put into the sport.

2013: Trey Canard’s Bachelor Party Ride Day

Trey Canard spent his bachelor party riding with a group of friends in his home state of Oklahoma. Featured riders include: Canard, Justin Bogle, Jimmy Albertson, Brett Cue and more.

2013: Trey Canard ‘REvival 41’ Official Movie. 

This really gives you a good idea of the physical and emotional journey Trey Canard has been on throughout his years of racing, especially during his recovery from his back injury.

2013: Trey Canard Supercross Mix-Up 

Although he always took his career seriously, he has always liked to keep things fun. Watch him in action on some of his favorite Hondas back in 2013.

2013: Trey Canard vs. James Stewart 

The battle between James Stewart and Trey Canard heats up over the final laps of 450 Moto 1 at the 2013 Red Bull Spring Creek National, resulting in the most exciting duel of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season in 2013.

2014: Trey Canard RAW

Watch Trey Canard put in practice motos at his private track in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

2014: Trey Canard – The Off Season

A funny clip showing the newly weds Trey and Hannah Canard in their home.

2014: Trey Canard vs. Ken Roczen

With Trey Canard holding strong ten minutes into 450 Moto 2 at Redbud, Ken Roczen challenges Trey for the lead.

2015: A Passion to Persevere: Trey Canard on a Balanced Life, 2015 Supercross

Trey Canard talks about his past struggles on track and his pursuit to live a balanced life.


2016: Red Bull Straight Rhythm 

Watch as Trey Canard goes head-to-head with Josh Hansen.

2016: Training Day with Trey Canard and Cole Seely 

Trey Canard and Cole Seely prepare for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship with practice motos at Reynard Raceway in Oklahoma.

2017: Trey Canard KTM

First look of Trey Canard on his Red Bull KTM when he switched over from Honda to KTM.

2017: In the Moment with Trey Canard

In the Moment with Trey Canard at SX Minneapolis.

2017: Trey Canard Announces Retirement

Although this might not be one of our favorite ones due to the sad news that he is retiring, this video recaps some of his best moments and one cannot help but respect him for his decision.


Do you have other favorites? Share your links in the comments section below.

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