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The Leatt Team leaves Mini O’s with 17 Championships!


The Leatt amateur motocross team continued to prove that they are amongst the elite riders in the sport at the Mini Olympic Motocross National at Gatorback Cycle Park. After a long week of racing in both Supercross and Motocross, six of Leatt’s riders combined for a total of seventeen class championships! Matthew Leblanc was absolutely unstoppable bringing home seven titles, Max Miller would grab four, Garrett Marchbanks with three, and Jarrett Frye, Daxton Bennick and Krystian Janik would each take home one class championship. Leatt is proud to congratulate all of our riders on their awesome performances including countless podium finishes.

Congratulations to all of our champions!

  • Garrett Marchbanks : 250B (SX), 450B (SX), Schoolboy 2 (MX)
  • Matthew LeBlanc: 65 (10-11) Limited (SX & MX), 65 (10-11) (SX & MX), 85 (9-11) Limited (SX), 85 (9-11) (SX & MX)
  • Max Miller : 85 (12-13) (MX), Mini SR (12-15) (SX & MX), Mini SR (12-15) Limited (MX)
  • Daxton Bennick : 51 (7-8) Limited (SX)
  • Jarrett Frye : Supermini 2 (SX)
  • Krystian Janik : 51 (7-8) Limited (MX)


Header Image Credit: Unlimited Sports MX


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