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Teton Gravity Research Reviews the Airflex Pro Knee Guard

Teton Gravity Research published their review of the Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Guards. Reviewer Gunnar Waldman was impressed with the lightweight nature yet large impact-capability of the guards.

He quotes, “Though the airflex pro seems like a pretty simple lightweight knee guard, Leatt has engineered some pretty cool details into it:

The first is that it’s CE EN1621-1 certified as impact knee protection. What does that mean? Good question. According to Leatt’s biomechanical engineer Pieter Keevy, that rating (a ‘level 1’ according to the certification document) means the armourgel can withstand an impact from an 11 pound (5 kilo) weight dropped from just over 3 feet (1 meter) and allow only 18 kilonewtons of energy through. Which is better than non-armourgel protection of the same thickness.”


See the full article here.



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