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Tested by VitalMTB: Leatt 3DF 6.0 Knee Guards


“Novel construction in a pedal-friendly, heavy-duty knee protector from Leatt.”

Rating:  4/5 Stars


VitalMTB tried and tested our brand new all-in-one 3DF 6.0 Knee Guard, which scores a grand total of 20 points in the Leatt protection rating system. CE tested and certified as impact protection, they are soft knee guards with additional co-molded hard shell sliders whereas the sides are made of 3DF impact foam, designed to dampen all the hard knocks.

The pre-curved design offers a perfect fit that is comfortable and will stay put thanks to the new anti-slip knee cap and calf band with a silicone grip lining. It is also made of a super perforated and vented Neoprene to keep you cool.

“Pulling the 3DF 6.0 knee guard out of their packaging, the first thing I noticed was the overall quality of materials used and of the stitching holding it together. Everything was constructed with care and the craftsmanship shows. The main material used for these guards is perforated silicone lined with cloth. This material allows for good breathability without sacrificing too much protection. The back of the pad is made from a thin and highly breathable moisture wicking fabric which allows for the legs to keep cool while climbing,” VitalMTB commented in their review.

“Unlike exclusively hard shell pads, the 3DF 6.0 knee guard allows for a much more relaxed and flexible fit. This is optimal for those who like to wear their knee pads during their entire ride. After an average ride (about an hour to hour and a half) I found myself riding home while still wearing these guards – this stands as a testament to how comfortable they are,” they added.


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