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Singletracks.com Reviews the 3DF Hybrid Knee and Elbow Guards

Singletracks.com reviewed the 3DF Hybrid Knee and Elbow Guards on various bikes and terrain throughout Colorado.


The aptitude of the pads were apparent right away to the reviewer. “As with other Leatt products, quality and craftsmanship are immediately evident when trying on and wearing this armor.


The breathability of the pads were another high point: “Another feature that stands out, which I’ve already alluded to, is the breathability of the Leatt 3DF Hybrid pads compared to other pads on the market these days. The elbow guards are side-specific, and anatomically molded to slide over the arm like a sleeve without using any straps.”

The validity of the review was backed up by the extent to which the pads where ‘tested’ – glad to hear he is ok.


Read the full review here.


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