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MTBR.com Thoroughly Tests the DBX 3.0 Cargo Backpack

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mtbr.com reviewed the DBX Cargo 3.0 Backpack in May of 2015. They were impressed with the detail and thought that went into designing this pack. “We’ve done numerous rides with the Leatt DBX and have been impressed with how well thought out it is, and how well it’s constructed.”

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The vest-style chest straps were clearly a highlight. “The highlight of this pack is it’s secured to the back by vest style straps that cover the chest and hold the pack in place with two clasps. It feels like it covers the chest more but there is nothing restricting the waist area.”

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They were impressed with how the user is able to alter the amount of back protection provided by the pack. “The great thing about the DBX 3.0 design is it’s modular in terms of weight and protection.”

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The attention to detail surrounding storage options was clearly a high point. “This pack also has pockets galore. The straps/vest has ample storage in the front that provides easy access to essentials. Pads, helmet, neck brace can all be carried by this pack as well.”

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To read the full review, click here.


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