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MTBR.com reviews the DBX 6.0 Carbon Helmet

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Leatt revolutionized neck protection in mountain biking and they’re seeking to do the same with helmets. Starting with full-face helmets, they’ve incorporated Armourgel turbine units to decrease the rotational force and impact force to the head. The goal is to reduce brain concussion and trauma level as previous helmets before it protected the skull from cracking but did not do as much to prevent concussions.

The theory and technology is sound as the head is placed in flotation by these blue ‘TURBINES’ that absorb initial impact similar to how the brain is floating in the head to minimize impact. The Turbines themselves are stable but put them in to shock and they dissipate energy and allow movement.

Riding Impressions

We’ve been using the helmets for a month now and are very pleased. No head impacts yet to validate their effectiveness. but the TURBINEs themselves provide even more comfort to an already well-fitting helmet.

Opening for vision is very big and wide and ventilation seems good. Weight is 1016 grams so it’s still one of the lightest helmets around despite of all the incorporated technology.

The helmet exterior shell seems smaller than normal and that is a cool upside not looking like Rick Moranis from ‘Spaceballs’. There is a reason for this low profile though aside from looks as a smaller shell results in less force to the head during impact. There is less rotational leverage thus making the helmet safer.

The opening of the helmet seems narrower than normal so it does require more pulling on the straps sideways to widen the opening so our ears are not completely squeezed while putting the helmet on.

So far it’s been one of the most comfortable and well-made helmets we’ve tried.

  • Quattro Force Control with Carbon or Composite matrix shell (3 sizes), 3D in-molded multi density V-Foam, 360° TURBINE multiple low energy impact & 360° Turbine rotational acceleration
  • Reduced outer shell volume for reduction in Neck forces & Rotational brain acceleration
  • Optimized Leatt neck braces integration with 360 degree helmet and neck brace match, rear clearance cut for optimal head range of movement & rear hyperextension impact platform
  • Optimized weight. Very light with premium safety
  • 16 large vent ports for maximum ventilation
  • Hydration ready. Optional internal hands-free kit available
  • Low friction cheek pads for emergency removal (patent pending)
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable and anti-microbial snap-out liner
  • Visor break away function
  • Certified and tested: EN1078; US CPSC; ASTM F1952 – 10
  • 2 Junior sizes: M 51- 52cm & L 53 – 54cm
  • 6 Adult sizes: XS 53 – 54cm, S 55 – 56cm, M 57 – 58cm, L 59 – 60cm, XL 61 – 62cm, XXL 63 – 64cm

Read the full review here


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