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Livia Lancelot takes another French title


Livia Lancelot has been dominating this season and claimed her seventh title in the French Women Championship in Iffendic this past weekend. The One One Four Kawasaki team rider reached her first goal, and is now fully focused on her next one as there are still three World Championship events to go – namely Loket (Czech Republic) in three weeks, Assen (Netherlands) and Villars sous Ecot (France) in September.

After Iffendic, she leads now the series by 71 points, and thirteen heat wins of fourteen.

Livia, one more French title for you. Can we say that it was just a formality?

Livia: No, it’s never a formality! The track was not easy this weekend, as there was also a round of the Sidecar Cross World Championship and they have very different lines than ours! So, I stayed focussed all weekend long and never gave up to win these two races.

Did you enjoy this round?

Livia: I really enjoyed the track in Iffendic. We already had one round of the series here last year, and it’s true that I’m never stressed when I race this championship, so it was a very good practice session for me.

You missed one win in Plomion, are you disappointed since you did not lose one race last year?

Livia: For sure. I would have preferred to win both races in Plomion, in memory of Steven (Lenoir) who passed away a few days before this race. His death was a big shock for me, and I wanted to offer him this win, but I think that he wouldn’t have liked to know that I took some stupid risks…. Today I want to dedicate him this title, and I hope to dedicate another one to him in September.

You’re now focussed on the GP’s, what is your program before Loket in three weeks’ time?

Livia: I have the same program. Since I’m working with Yves (Demaria), we work hard and I will not give up until the final round of the series in Villars sous Ecot! My program is a mix of physical training and riding my Kawasaki, and that’s my daily program until mid-September.

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