Dirt Rider features the GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket


Other than putting the word “jacket” before the name of the jacket, this jacket is pretty cool. This is Leatt’s heavier duty, waterproof jacket as opposed to the 4.5 X-Flow jacket which is much more breathable. The 5.5 has a ton of pockets, like six in front and three in back, plus a separate compartment for a hydration pack up to three liters in size. It also has two zip open vents on the jest, two on the back and one on each forearm. Lastly you can zip off the sleeves if you want to make it a vest only, and one of the back pockets will easily accept the sleeves for storage. Overall, this is a feature packed, armor-less jacket that is obviously neck brace friendly. We sent ours to one of our wet weather testers in the Pacific Northwest, but with the amount of rain that we’ve had down here, we wished we had kept it for ourselves.

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