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Bikerumor.com Takes a Closer Look at Leatt 2016 Product

Bikerumor.com conducted a more detailed follow-up piece on what they have seen from Leatt for 2016.


Tyler Benedict says of the new helmets, “The helmet incorporates all the expected features -inmold construction, adjustable breakaway visor, compatibility with their neck protection- plus a few bonus treats like hydration pack hose integration. The real special feature is the 360 Turbine cushions that handle rotational impact forces to lessen the risk of concussion.”


Benedict continues, “The 360 Turbine cushions squish and flex, letting the helmet move slightly in twisting or lateral paths to absorb some of the shearing and rotational forces caused by impacts. This, in turn, mitigates how much of those forces are transmitted directly to your skull, then brain, which they say reduces the likelihood of getting a concussion.”

See the full article here.



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