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BikePark Wales Launches Popty Ping Trail


BikePark Wales has just announced the official opening of their brand new Blue Plus trail, Popty Ping.

The idea behind it was to create a trail that delivers flow and pop, and basically just gets every rider to grin from ear to ear. In order to achieve this, they used a ‘tried and tested trail building formula’: Dirt + Man Hours ÷ The Welsh Weather = Awesome Trails!


The started developing the trail at the end of 2016 and had to face a number of challenges, including sub-zero temperatures and plenty of rain.

After they spent 500 man hours and 320 tonnes of surfacing, the trail was finally ready!

Popty Ping is their first ‘Blue Plus Trail’, and you can expect more info on their new trail grading system soon.


“From all of us at BikePark Wales we hope you enjoy the new trail and we’ll see you at the park soon!” 

BikePark Wales: Built by riders, for riders.


Contact info: Reception@bikeparkwales.com 07730 382 501


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