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VitalMX – First Look: New Leatt Goggle, Helmet, and Knee Braces


VitalMX took a look at our new range, including brand-new Velocity 6.5 goggles, a budget-minded 3.5 helmet and Z-Frame knee braces.


6.5 Velocity Goggles

“We first got a sneak peek of Leatt’s newest product, their Velocity 6.5 goggles, back at the MXoN at Red Bud. They were stealthily showing off some of the very first samples, but it’s obvious that they’ve been really busy since then, as production models are hitting the shelves at your dealer now.”

“For giggles, they set up a small shooting range in their California headquarters, and fired off a bunch of shots at the lenses with a .22 caliber revolver. Looking over their samples, we saw lots of variations of impacts, but were impressed with the ability of the lens to handle the shots. They vary in price from $79.99 (with a clear lens), to $89.99 (Iriz reflective lens), or $99.99 for a roll-off model. The roll-off can be also easily added as an accessory later.”

“Add to that a 50mm strap, 170° field of view, Anti-Fog, self-draining frame design (the open areas at the bottom of the frame, and triple layer dual-density foam. They’ll also fit over glasses, and come with a removable nose guard and soft bag. Lens options include tints from 20-83%, and one lens design fits all frames in the line.”

GPX 3.5 Helmet

“Also new to the Leatt lineup is their GPX 3.5 helmet. It features a polycarbonate shell, and a $179 price tag. What’s really interesting, though, is that we’ve spotted a couple of Leatt’s athletes running these in the Supercross series, and they’ve commented that they really like the fit of it. This lid also has some features that we’d expect on higher-priced helmets, like Leatt’s 360 ̊ Turbine Technology, which is designed to reduce both impact and rotational forces. It’s DOT+ECE 2205 or JIS T 8133:2015 certified, and checks in at 1350 grams.”


“Also new in the Leatt lineup are their Z-Frame knee braces. These offer a more traditional style than their X-Frame braces, are constructed from an Injected Composite material, and come with a $299 price tag. There’s 3DF impact material inside the knee cups, and they have variable extension options. What’s interesting here is that like all of Leatt’s knee braces, they’re also certified as medical devices, so it’s possible to pick up a prescription from your doctor and have them covered under insurance.”


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