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Vital MX – Leatt Moto 5.5 FlexLock Boots Review

Vital MX reviewed our ALL-NEW Leatt Moto 5.5 FlexLock Boots!

“New from the ground up, the Leatt 5.5 FlexLock boot was years in the making. We’ve seen them on pro riders like Ryan Sipes and Johnny Walker for a while and they are finally available to the public.”

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“Overall we were impressed with the boot. Without a hinge, the ankle feels similar to a Tech 10 and will require some break-in before it will feel completely comfortable.”

Watch the Vital MX First Look video here: https://www.vitalmx.com/product/guide/Boots,26/Leatt/5-5-FlexLock,17007#product-reviews/935


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