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Singletracks – Review: Leatt DBX 5.0 Cold Weather MTB Jacket, Jersey and Shorts

“The Leatt DBX 5.0 kit and DBX 2.0 WindBlock gloves are a savior this time of year. They work excellent when worn all together and make riding in the cold much more tolerable.”


Singletracks took our 5.0 gear set for a ride to test it in cold weather. This set consists of our DBX 5.0 jacket, DBX 5.0 jersey, DBX 5.0 shorts, and DBX 2.0 Windblock gloves.

“I’ve been out riding in the kit in cold weather, at night, and during cold days, and have been impressed so far,” they commented. See their breakdown of the gear below:


DBX 5.0 Jacket

“There’s a big difference between the DBX 5.0 jacket and a normal MTB rain jacket or windbreaker. The DBX 5.0 feels more like a light jacket. The fabric is thicker and a bit stiffer. This makes it a dedicated riding jacket and not something riders will want to roll up and stuff in a hydration pack.”

“A large zipper comes up and down the front of the jacket for easy access into the pockets. Photo by Hannah Morvay.”

“The jacket is full of options, like a pass pocket on the left arm for stashing a lift pass. The main pockets on the front side of the jacket are accessible from the top or bottom, with zippers starting above and below. There are also zippable vents on the side of the jacket to let a bit of air in if things get warm . . . I’ve ridden with the DBX 5.0 jacket in 30ish-degree temps, with the DBX 5.0 jersey underneath and it’s been a great combo. When temps dip under 20-25-degrees, I’d probably reconsider my riding all together and go for a full-on winter kit, but I’d probably be breaking out a fat bike at that point anyway.”


DBX 5.0 Jersey

Photo by Hannah Morvay.

“The WindBlock material provides even more wind and cold protection, so for just a chilly day out, the jersey is a solid choice. In this case, I’d tuck it into my shorts, since it’s not quite a loose-fitting jersey that would go comfortable over the waistline. The material is also soft and thicker than a normal, summertime jersey so it feels and fits a bit like a thermal, long sleeve T-shirt. I’ve mostly just been wearing the DBX 5.0 long sleeve jersey under the jacket, but it’s a solid grab for rides around 40-45-degrees when it’s not quite jersey or jacket weather.”


DBX 5.0 Shorts

“There’s no doubt that the Leatt DBX 5.0 shorts have aided in keeping me warm on cold rides. For my first venture out in them, I wasn’t sure if I’d ultimately want to throw on a pair of long underwear underneath, but I haven’t found it necessary yet. With the vents shut and steady movement on the bike, these shorts have kept me plenty warm. Like the jacket, the shorts are a stiffer and thicker material and feel very durable and don’t seem like they’ll be very susceptible to tears.”

Photo by Hannah Morvay.

DBX 2.0 Windblock Gloves



Photo by Hannah Morvay.


“The DBX 2.0 Windblock gloves have quickly become a favorite of mine out of the entire kit, and I’ve been wearing them on most rides for the past few weeks. Colorado has been cold, and annoyingly windy lately, and these gloves have no doubt helped keep my fingers warm. They feel great on the handlebars and don’t feel that much thicker than a normal riding glove, yet the wind resistance is superb. . . The fingers actually work pretty well with a smartphone, also. They won’t unlock the home button on an iPhone, since that requires a finger print, and I couldn’t get it to click for the password option either, but once the phone is open, the gloves swipe perfectly for a decent amount of functionality.”


Photo by Hannah Morvay.


“The Leatt DBX 5.0 kit and DBX 2.0 WindBlock gloves are a savior this time of year. They work excellent when worn all together and make riding in the cold much more tolerable. The functionality goes far beyond that though. The jacket is stylish enough to wear anywhere, the vented shorts should be wearable beyond the cold season, and the gloves, for only $35, are a heck of a deal and work better than expected.”


CLICK HERE to read their full review.


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