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Singletracks: Mountain Bike Goggle Round-Up Includes Leatt Velocity 6.5

“With their flower-petal soft fleece lining, these goggles were the easiest to forget about of the five reviewed here.”

Singltracks took a look at their favorite goggles for debris-free vision in every color and included our new Leatt 6.5 Velocity goggles.

“When the dirt sprays like a shotgun blast from the buzzsawing tire lugs in front of you, proper vision protection is paramount. Without roost from the hyper-tuned engines of motocross, what purpose do goggles serve for mountain bike riders? I was asking myself this question often, until I went down a run in deep dust wearing a well-designed pair of purpose-made mountain bike goggles. Now, I strap them on for any descent-focused ride.”

“The top reasons goggles can be a great addition to your gravity riding wardrobe are that they keep your eyes from watering in the rushing wind, keep contact lenses or glasses cleaner, provide a broader range of UVA/B/C coverage than sunglasses, are often impact resistant, and they guard your eyes against debris, insects, mud, and dust. If those aren’t compelling factors, consider that goggles are more durable than most sunglasses, the strap makes them harder to lose and easier to store, they often include several lens options, you can mount tear-off and roll-off lens covers when it is muddy, and most lenses are less expensive than those in high-end sunglasses.”

Leatt Velocity 6.5 


“Leatt’s new Velocity 6.5 goggles open a massive field of vision through double-pane, anti-fog lenses. The company claims that their visual span is a whopping 170°. The military-grade, bulletproof lens panes are tapered to provide the most natural vision possible. With their flower-petal soft fleece lining, these goggles were the easiest to forget about of the five reviewed here.”


“The eight different lens options can be changed in a matter of seconds by releasing the “out-riggers” and popping the lens free from a few frame anchors. This feature is particularly useful on rainy rides when you want to remove the lens and clean it between runs.”

“The wide-set out-riggers attach the strap further away from your face than other goggles, allowing the frame to sink further into diverse full-face helmet openings. The lens and frame’s self-draining design makes the Velocity 6.5 a fantastic option for hotter riding, when you want to keep your eyes salt- and dust-free.”

  • $89.99 (compare prices)
  • Bulletproof and impact tested to: ANSI Z87.1-2015, Military Ballistic Impact Standard (MIL-DTL-43511D), Certified CE EN 1938 :2010
  • Permanent anti-fog function built into the inner lens polymer
  • Roll-off and tear-off ready, with a pack of tear-offs included
  • Self-draining lens/frame design
  • Easy clip-in/out lens change (Second simplest in the test)
  • OTG – Over-the-glasses fit
  • Optional lenses available from 22 to 83% light transmission (VLT)
  • 17 colorways available

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