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OTOR Magazine interviews Dr. Chris Leatt

Adam Wheeler interviewed our incredible founder, Dr. Chris Leatt – ‘The Persistent Innovator’ in OTOR (On Track Off-Road) Magazine’s September issue. 


“Neck protection is now in the phase where it has to be refreshed or re-explained to a new generation and the South African creator of the device was the ideal person to do that.”


“Leatt talks passionately about the role the neck brace can play in the reduction of neck injury and even broken collarbones”


“…the first key steps towards establishing a belated standardization protocol.”


“[Leatt] have now focused…on motocross boots in another alternative vision soon to grab the attention of motorcyclists.”


“That’s what I really enjoy doing: looking at the market and not necessarily the status quo, things that will challenge the norm and ways that can make the best product possible. I think that’s viewable in some of the new stuff we have been working on.”


“We’re looking at all the different tests and methodologies that are happening around the world at this time. As we develop a new product we develop the specific test for it,”


“When you have a neck brace and nobody else makes one and you are known for being the gold standard then it’s easier!”


“Growing up means you have to take market, industry and fashion trends seriously and get in that matrix.”


“Even with our apparel, we try to put 3D design and choose the right materials and to make it the best fitting gear possible while at the same time still try to make it cool. It’s never a dull moment.”


“The DNA of Leatt is to work on the intrinsic problem and come up with the best solution possible.”


“We believe that a hard shell in the right place, at the right time – all the time – is the best solution.”


For a great read, check out the full interview in the hot, new Septemeber issue of OTOR (Pg.94) 















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