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MX Vice editor, Lewis Phillips interviewed Chris at a round of the FIM Motocross World Championship on Wednesday, 14th August 2019.

‘Those present at the Grand Prix of Belgium got the opportunity to meet the founder of one of the most successful companies in action sports. Dr. Chris Leatt met with riders and media alike to discuss the path that has led Leatt to produce neck braces, helmets, gear and effectively every bit of protective gear that a rider could possibly want and what lies ahead in the future.’


“That’s really what the driving force was, my son riding. I said to myself, I can’t put him in harm’s way like this. I need to come up with some sort of solution.”


“…I really think it was my combination of being a doctor who saw a lot of trauma and somebody who was really passionate about motorcycling. I needed to put the two things together.”


“To this day, the products we develop… If I’m not prepared to put it on my child, it’s not going onto the market.”



“When the data comes back saying you are 89% less likely to break your neck with a neck brace on, those kinds of figures are really difficult to ignore.”


“…we are introducing new product categories, but the neck brace is still our flagship product… it’s really the ethos of the company. It’s engineering and safety first…”


“…save your neck, save your collarbone, and…mitigate against head injuries? That is what the neck brace does too.”


“…knowing that I’ve kept people out of wheelchairs gives me goosebumps and gets me up in the morning,” 


Read the full interview on the MX Vice website.

























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