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MX Large interviews Dr Chris Leatt at the MXGP Lommel

MX Large interviewed our founder, Dr. Chris Leatt at the MXGP of Lommel, Belgium to ‘…spread the word for rider safety and see if it was possible to get more of a voice within the FIM for a better standard of a neck brace.’


“We strive for quality and proven medically tested products. Our catchphrase, the science of thrill, it starts with science and it ends with the thrill,”

“… it is important for me to interact and understand from the rider’s perspective.”


“We test all the braces and ours performs the best.”


“If you look at our helmets, knee braces, everything we do has an inventive component. We really do a lot of testing and we think a lot about the products we produce. Unlike a lot of other companies, our initiative really starts with…science and then we make it cool.”

“Watching the Leatt apparel ride by, I think we have some pretty funky designs.”


Read the full interview on MX Large’s website. 

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