Leatt Athlete Jonny Walker Takes on Erzbergrodeo 2017

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No event in the Extreme Enduro calendar is bigger or crazier than the ErzbergRodeo. Renowned and revered the world over, the blue ribbon Red Bull Hare Scramble race sees 500 crazed enduro riders take on the Iron Giant. Unquestionably the hardest one-day enduro event on the planet, for 2017 the race lived up to its fearsome reputation with just 25 riders reaching the finish in the allotted four-hour time allowance.

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Among them was Leatt athlete Jonny Walker. Focused on victory and well-aware of just how tough the Hare Scramble is, for much of the first hour of the event he lead the field across the challenging, rock-littered tracks and trails. With three hard-fought ErzbergRodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble victories to his name, Jonny charged hard looking to add to his impressive tally of wins.

Jonny Walker ErzbergRodeo 2017 documents Jonny’s participation in the ErzbergRodeo 2017.

WATCH: Get inside Jonny Walker’s mind as he takes on Erzbergrodeo 2017. 

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