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Leatt 4.5 Hydra Chest Protector: Dirt Bike Magazine December ’18 Issue


“Love it. We don’t like riding off-road without water, and we also like feeling protected. The Leatt 4.5 Hydra handles both worlds and is as good as it gets.”

Dirt Bike magazine featured our Leatt 4.5 Hydra Chest Protector in their December 2018 print issue.

“The Leatt Hydra 4.5 is both a chest protector and a hydration system. Leatt’s mission was to build this system to offer both premium chest and back protection, along with a 2-liter bladder and a 10-liter storage compartment. Adjustments come via side- and shoulder-regulating straps, and a hands-free drinking system is part of the package. The protection is CE-certified both in the front and the rear of the 4.5 Hydra. The back-impact foam is removable, and it uses Airline mesh for back venting with articulating rib panels for various body sizes,” they explained.

“If you want both upper-body protection and a hydration system in one product, there are few systems available to the off-roader. The Leatt 4.5 Hydra is one such beast. The unit is beefy and appears bulky mainly due to the large dual back compartments that mate to side protection. Once you get through the learning curve of adjusting the various straps, the system fits a fairly wide range of pilot sizes, so you honestly feel like you’re wearing something significant and it will ward off body damage in a fall. Although the system is heavy (once you fill the 2-liter bladder), rider mobility is excellent, arm rotation is unencumbered (it helps that there are no shoulder and bicep cups) and, as they say, once under way, the feeling of heaviness disappears. One key feature are the adjustment points, which keep the rider snug and the system tight to the body. It won’t pull back and feel like it will choke you, and even topped off with fluids, the strap design keeps it from floating. The storage compartment is large, but we kept it to a minimum of weighty objects since it’s already quite substantial. The hydration system uses a bladder with a 2-liter volume and a sports-center baffle system with a zip that keeps the bladder flat and fluids from splashing around in the bladder. It comes with two tube and bite valves, a hands-free tube with a 180-degree valve and a standard tube with 45-degree valve.”


PRICE: $219.99
CONTACT: www.leatt.com




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