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Traction E-Rag Magazine – 3DF AirFit Lite Vest Review

“Riding like a maniac is something I enjoy doing on the regular.  I like to go fast and I like to try new things, which means I sometimes end in a wreck.  I wear the best protective gear I can find to make sure that these wrecks don’t entail injury.”

Megan Griffiths reviewed our Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite Vest in Traction E-Rag Magazine.

“One piece of gear that I never ride without is my chest protector. I looked high and low for something that would provide me with enough protection but still be comfortable and not cause me to overheat. My search ended when I came across the Leatt 3DF AirFit Chest Protector. It is low profile and can be worn underneath a jersey, which is a must for me. I really don’t like the bulkiness of most chest protectors.”

“The 3DF AirFit comes in three styles, each offering a different level of protection. I chose to go with the vest style, but Leatt also offers a T-shirt style for added upper arm and shoulder protection and even a full-sleeved style for even arm protection.”

“Something that sets the AirFit aside from the rest is the foam. It is soft and flexible, which makes it very comfortable to wear, but it hardens on impact for great protection. My decision came down to two major things: first, comfort. Gear has to be comfortable and breathable so I can ride to the best of my ability. And, second, protection. I want my chest, spine and side torso to be protected from impacts. The Leatt 3DF AirFit Vest met both these requirements.”

“You won’t catch me running anything else.”

Read the full review HERE.


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