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Singletracks: Mountain Bike Knee Pad Throwdown – 4 of the Best Slip-Ons Tested

“With one cinch strap up top, it fits well and hugs around the knee.”


Singletracks selected four of their favorite kneepads, including our new Leatt 3DF 6.0 knee guards.

“One of the most welcome advancements in mountain bike gear has been improved pads and protection. Gone are the days of looking like a Storm Trooper or Scarab beetle, with the hard plastic, articulating, exoskeleton padding. These days, mountain bike pads vent better than they ever have, they look good, and most importantly, they still offer important protection. We brought in four pads for a knee protection round up of sorts. Two of them are great for trail riding, while the other two will fit right in at an enduro race,” they said.


“The Leatt 3DF lands in the test set as a pad that is comfortable and offers solid knee protection. With one cinch strap up top, it fits well and hugs around the knee. The 3DF are soft, comfortable, and let a lot of air flow in. While they look like a bit too much to pedal around in, they’re actually quite bearable on climbs and the plastic guards don’t prevent air from flowing. The guard features a pre-curved design, so the pads stick out a little bit when standing straight up, but fit well on most positions on the bike,” they commented.

“After testing, I trust the 3DF knee guards on rough trails while following fast friends, in the bike park, and in an enduro race. The comfort is exceptional and there’s only a small bit of itching that’s noticeable every now and then. The padding on the side is also appreciated at the times when my knees knock into my bike frame,” they added.


Their verdict? Rugged and comfortable


Read their full review feature here.

Photos by Matt Miller.


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