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“I decided to invest in a Leatt STX-RR neck brace… to protect my neck from trauma.”


Ken Condon reviewed Leatt’s STX-RR neck brace on Ridinginthezone.com



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Image result for Leatt STX-RR Neck Brace“….it’s common to see motocross and off-road racers wearing neck braces.”


“…there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from off-road racers that neck braces work.”


“The RR brace rests on the shoulders and features two scapular wings in the back….There is also a hinged sternum support wing at the front…”


“During a crash, the brace prevents the head from snapping forward, back and sideways to a point where neck injury can occur. It is essentially a table surface that the bottom rim of the helmet contacts during a crash. When the helmet contacts the brace, the energy from the head and helmet is redirected to the shoulders, upper back and chest to protect the cervical spine.”



“The STX-RR is made from superlight carbon fiber and weighs only about one and a half pounds… utilizing a solid fixed ring setup with two emergency releases… features a locking hinge design…”



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“The combination of light weight and proper fitment means I can ride without noticing that I even have the brace on.”


“… it can work on nearly any bike.”


“Putting the brace on is very simple…”


“Knowing that the neck is vulnerable to all sorts of loads that can lead to lifelong injury or death, I think it’s worth considering.”


“I’m convinced that having the Leatt would have saved me from this injury. I have since bought a dedicated off-road neck brace and wear it all the time.”


Read the full review HERE.



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