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Loam Wolf Reviews Leatt 3DF 6.0 Knee Guards


As part of the new 2018 Leatt line, we introduced the 3DF 6.0 Knee Guards.

Purpose-designed to give you the best of two worlds, it’s a soft guard, pre-curved for a natural, molded fit that ticks the comfort box, whilst both sides of the device are fitted with 3DF AirFit impact foam that dampens all the hard knocks for superior protection The additional co-molded hard shell sliders maximize joint protection.

“Leatt’s new 3DF 6.0 knee guards represent just a small chunk of the brand’s awesome new 2018 line for both moto and MTB. Released at Eurobike, this pad just recently hit the market, but we got out hands on some early so we’d have a few month’s worth of testing by the time the public was able to make a purchase. We’ve been working hard to put a couple sets of these pads through various conditions to see how they hold. Designed to fill the gap between Leatt’s minimal trail pad, the Airflex, and their more DH-focused knee/shin guards like the 3DF Hybrid EXT, the 6.0 pads are intended for aggressive all mountain riders who want both a little bit more, and a little bit less,” Loam Wold started their review.

Flexible and soft, a new anti-slip kneecap and silicone-lined calf band ensure a secure fit while super perforated and vented Neoprene keeps you cool.

“A single upper strap with silicone grippers handles retention. The sole strap keeps things simple while doing an exceptional job. An elastic mid and lower keep the pad in place, coupled with Leatt’s 3D molding that lets the pad conform perfectly to the kneecap. These are quite honestly some of the best fitting pads around. The three sizing options fit true to measurement,” commented Loam Wolf.



Fitment is also an important feature of any knee guard. “We’ve grown tired of pads with complex closure systems or more than two closure bands. Thankfully Leatt got it right with a grippy, elastic lower and just one upper Velcro strap. Styling is also perfect on the subtle black on black version we chose. For those wanting to make a statement, there are some brighter options available. No matter how long or bumpy the ride got, one thing was clear: the pads stay exactly where you want them. The shape molds perfectly to the knee, stopping them from sliding up or rotating– even on long climbs. They are incredibly comfortable, but be warned, they are notably thicker and warmer than their lightweight brothers, the Airflex. This also means they offer more protection when you hit the ground. During hard digs our knees stayed safe and emerged unscathed,” they said.

CE tested and officially certified as impact protection, the new 3DF 6.0 Knee Guard scores an impressive 20 points on the Leatt Protection Rating System.

The wolf’s last word:

“Pads are a picky thing, but after spending time in these we’d highly recommend a pair. The Leatt 3DF 6.0 knee guards are among our favorite pads in that aggressive trail niche. Fit, materials quality and protection are all top of the pack. The pads conform to around the knee, stay put during long climbs or hard falls and offer a feeling of security, like a safety pillow. In a dream world we would love a little more ventilation in front, but warmth comes hand in hand with more protection no matter what brand you buy so we’ll take warm knees over busted knees any day of the week.”


Read the full review by clicking here. 


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