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Leatt DBX 5.0 Waterproof Jacket and Shorts Review: NSMB

Nsmb.com took a look at our Leatt Bike 2019 DBX 5.0 shorts and jacket.

“I’m not going to whitewash it, but I love riding in the rain. The forest is never prettier, the trails are more challenging and interesting and even a crappy beer tastes like nectar of the gods once you are done. Even better is the feeling that you’ve beaten the elements like a hungry Viking and snuck one in when most folks are chilling with Netflix. The clean up of bike, clothing and gear sucks. Getting cold fingers and toes bites, having mud catapulted into your socket so hard that your eyelids peel back is nobody’s idea of a good time and having your chamois feel like a solid diaper* gets old in about 90 seconds, but the good always outweighs the shitty for me.”


“Testing wet weather gear is an extra shove that gets me out in the elements even more often, and good wet weather gear is the difference between thriving and suffering. And in our climate I ask a lot of waterproof jackets, shorts, gloves and shoes.  On the soggy day seen here we were doing back to back Knolly laps to compare carbon and aluminum.”




“Aside from the fit everything else worked beautifully. Staying completely dry during the North Shore monsoon is only realistic for short rides but the jacket and the shorts did a great job keeping the water and muck out on multiple occasions. Breathability might not be up to the standard of Gore-Tex, for example, but the incredible pit and front pocket zips manage heat and vapour build up so well the performance was right up there.”

“For 2019 you get new colours, a magnetic hood, grip material to keep your pack in place, and a fabric with a softer hand feel which is closer to a soft shell. The hood fits easily over a helmet but can be adjusted to fit your bare noggin.”


The garments are protected with a coating that resists water, dirt and other stains. They look great after much abuse.” 

 “The long rear-facing leg zips aren’t for modest riders, but for me they work great. Maybe leave the G-string at home when it’s pissing and wear some nice long riding shorts or boxers.  It would be nice to see some structure in place, in the form of some mesh or webbing, spanning the chasm left by the open zips. The counterpoint is that there is nothing there to to absorb moisture. Once the YKK zippers are closed waterproofing is restored. The jacket has quad venting in effect. The front of the jacket has two long zipper pockets with mesh inside that will scoop air in and when you are in a position to pedal, water ingress is kept to a minimum.”
“I have sung the praises of waterproof shorts before, so just take my word that if you ride in the wet outside the tropics these will change your life. I had no idea how much I hated having a soggy chamois until the problem was eradicated. Leatt’s entry into this category goes a little deeper than most. There are numerous panels around the knee to allow for excellent comfort and coverage over a kneepad. The side pockets are sized generously and the fancy zips keep your cargo dry. The saddle contact patch is an even heavier duty material and over the course of a year there are no signs of wear.”


“In the end I grew to like the DBX 5.0 jacket and shorts much more than I expected to. The ample zippered vents allow me to stay cool enough even when the Pineapple Express brings sheets of warm rain and the sturdy construction, excellent quality and thoughtful features make these favourites for me. In fact both are so comfy and functional I’ll wear them on days when it’s cool but without any rain in the forecast.”

Last year’s versions (tested here) can be found online at bargain prices. For the current models the jacket retails for 199 USD and the shorts are 120 USD.

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