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Freewheelin: A Basic Guide to Getting Your MTB Winter Clothing Right


Freewheelin’ did a great feature on how to choose the right winter gear for you.

1, Thermal Base Layer

2. Jacket 

“It goes without saying that a decent riding jacket should be waterproof, but should hold good breathability properties to prevent you from overcooking on the climbs. It should be able to maintain a level of heat when riding, but at the same time keep you insulated when stopped. Vents in the arms, front and rear can help control that when working hard. Look for one with good waterproof zippers to stop the rain leaking through. A hood is also extremely handy for when you get caught in the rain. Some brands, like Leatt, are now incorporating a magnetic system into the hood to keep it attached to your helmet when riding. Clever stuff!”

3. Jersey 

“Your riding jersey acts as a mid-layer between your base layer and jacket. Generally speaking you’ll want to use a full length sleeve at this time of year. This winter we’ve been wearing the Leatt DBX 5.0 All-Mountain jersey and it’s proving a definite game changer due to its windblock fabric on the chest, arms and sides, while the back panel is slightly lighter and lightly meshed for venting. In warmer winter weather we’re thinking you could get away without needing a base layer.”

4. Shorts 

“If you prefer not to ride in full-length trousers, you can still get away with shorts for winter. Winter shorts are generally constructed of heavier material meaning they’re slightly stiffer than your average summer riding gear. The trade off usually comes with the benefit of waterproof material that won’t rip or tear easily and can withstand plenty of mud. Pick a pair with waterproof zippers and pockets.”

5. Socks

6. Gloves

7. Neck Buff


“Really loving the gear, seem to find extra features on the jacket each time I ride. . .  the jersey is a definite game changer – the WindBlock fabric is light but unbelievably warm meaning minimal layers needed. So far in freezing weather a base layer, jersey and jacket is all that’s needed. A mild Christmas left me questioning the need for a base layer. All washes brilliant too,” they commented on the Leatt gear in conclusion.


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