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Dirt Wheels Reviews Leatt GPX Moto 5.5 Gear

“This Leatt gear set is one of the most comfortable and ventilated gear sets we have ever tested.  It is full of technology that works like they say it does. You barely feel like you are wearing this Leatt gear set while riding.”

Dirt Wheels magazine took our new GPX 5.5 moto gear out for a spin to test it and featured it in a write-up entitled ‘Leatt GPX 5.5 Gear – Comfortable and Cool’ in their February 2018 print issue.

“Leatt never stops innovating! This company made its name in the industry by creating protective neck brace systems and then moved onward to other categories of riding protection and gear. Leatt just released the 2018 lineup that included all-new gear sets, neck braces, chest protectors and more. We quickly snatched a full set of moto gear to test,” they said.

The new 2018 5.5 gear line consists of the GPX 5.5 Ultraweld jersey, a super light welded jersey that provides ample ventilation, our GPX 5.5 I.K.S (Internal Knee Brace System) pants that is durable, yet lightweight and flexible. The I.K.S system in these pants prevents knee brace wear and tear and is compatible with the Leatt knee brace, as well as with all other leading knee brace brands in the world.

They also tested our GPX 3.5 Lite gloves, as well as our GPX 5.5 V10 helmet.

GPX 5.5 Ultraweld Jersey

When commenting on the 5.5 jersey, Dirt wheels pointed out that it is one of the most comfortable warm-weather jersey that they have tested.

“The fabric is very lightweight, and it stretches and breathes well. Leatt built this jersey with laser-cut MoistureCool stretchable mesh that has airflow channels designed into it. There are also laser-cut vents throughout the jersey to help keep you cool during hard riding. There are perforated brush guards over the elbows that resist snagging on branches . . . The fit of the GPX 5.5 is slim and long, yet it stretches very easily. It barely feels like you are wearing a jersey, and that is a plus in warm weather. There is a silicone strip on the tail of the jersey to help keep it tucked into the pants,” they said.

Sizing starts at small and goes up to double extra large with a retail price of $69.99.

GPX 5.5 I.K.S pants

They continued to praise the gear set-up by commenting that the technology of the GPX 5.5 I.K.S pants is just as impressive as the jersey’s. “It has a very comfortable and slim fit yet it is designed to fit knee pads and braces inside it . . .the inner knees of the I.K.S have layers of super-thin fiber that can rub against each other without wearing it down easily, which lessens the transfer of knee brace friction on your ATV,” they said.

Ventilation is one of the major features of these pants as it has laser-cut vents in order to provide good airflow – especially there where it will generate the most heat like the knees. The seat area is made of a 1200D heavy-duty material with NanoGrip inner-leg panels that enable you to grip to your quad.

“Most of us get sweaty and smelly after riding a lot, and fortunately Leatt designed an anti-odor MoistureCool mesh lining into the pants. And last, there are micro-adjust side waist straps and a 360-degree silicone grip strip designed . . . [to provide] a snug and secure fit,” they concluded.

Sizing for the pants start at extra small and goes up to a double extra large for a starting price of $179.99.

GPX 3.5 Lite Gloves

They start their review of our new GPX 3.5 Lite gloves by saying that it is “something special”.

“They are super thin to help you feel the controls and grips the bars better. The palms of the glove have Nano fiber technology that is 7.5 times thinner than hair. They stretch and flex very well and provide great grip in dry and wet conditions. The material at the top of the hand also stretches, and the ventilation breathes well. The knuckle of the glove has Leatt’s AirGel impact protection built into it that is CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment. There are Microinjected 3D brush guards on the knuckles and pinky fingers of the glove in case you don’t like to run your hand guards on your ATV. And lastly, the closure system involves a soft-touch cuff restraint system,” they said.

The fit of these gloves are tight and sizes start from small to double extra large. Pricing starts at $44.99.

GPX 5.5 V10 Helmet

When we launched our first line of helmets in 2016, Dirt Wheels reviewed it. “We were impressed by it then and we still are now,” they commented.

“The safety features are awesome, like the 360 turbines that absorb energy and hard impacts. The shell of the helmet is smaller than most and lighter than most other similar helmets, which may reduce injury as well.”

Like with the rest of the gear, the helmet provides ample ventilation thanks to four large vents on top of the helmet, along with multiple more on the front.

ECE and DOT approved, the helmet starts at $499.99 and is available from size extra small to double extra large.

Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rddvlgs6ip2ltvp/DW_FEB_2018_LEATT.pdf?dl=0.


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