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Dirt Bike Rider: X-Frame Knee Brace Review

Dirtbike Rider reviewed our X-Frame knee braces in their December issue.

“Just like many of you reading this my knees feel pretty shot due to many years of riding and a few too many crashes. I’ve been using braces since picking up a knee injury when I was a nipper and to be honest I wouldn’t/couldn’t ride without them nowadays. My current braces are getting on a bit now, so I was pumped when the guys at Leatt offered up a set of their X-Frame braces for me to try.

Like all safety equipment it’s really important to get the correct size to make sure that they are doing their job properly. With that in mind I was pleased to have UK Leatt aficionado Dave King on hand to make sure I got the right size and fit for me – it’s important to measure both the circumference of your knee as well as the width.

I’ve tried some of the older Leatt C-frame braces in the past. That model only had one hinge on one side and I had a few problems with the knee guard catching on the rad shroud so I was keen to test the newer X-frame model with its more traditional two hinge set-up. The guys at Leatt know their stuff and I’ve always praised the company for continually pushing the boundaries in terms of safety in our sport. You can feel the quality of the product straight out of the box. The product is certified as both a medical device and for impact protection, so that gives you some confidence right away. It’s made from injected carbon composite so feels very light when you wear it. Cleverly the inner hinge is 40 per cent thinner than the outer hinge to make sure you get a good feeling on the bike and I have to say I immediately felt comfortable on track while wearing these things. In the past I’ve had to go through a ‘break-in’ period to get used to the alien feeling braces on my legs. But I didn’t find that was the case with the X-Frames.

For me it’s important for a knee brace to be easy to put on and these fellas tick the box in that department. You can loosen the Velcro straps, slide on the brace and re-tighten the straps in the specific order that is clearly labelled on the brace to make sure they are securely fastened. The process is easy, simple and safe. Leatt also provide a nice set of full-length knee socks to help with the comfort aspect. My previous braces have done their job well in terms of protecting my knees but they have been horrible, uncomfortable things that rub away at the back of my legs. So far, I’ve found the X-Frames to be quite comfortable and I haven’t encountered any unwanted rubbing or chafing. Two other things I like is that you can customise the fit as they have interchangeable hinge pads in different sizes and also that the shin bone pad is low profile to ensure a nice and easy fit inside all boots. After doing a couple of full days riding in the X-Frames I can say that I’m really happy with them so far. They are super comfortable, very light and do not restrict me on the bike at all. I personally think they are a big improvement over the C-Frame version. I really couldn’t recommend the X-Frame braces enough.”

X-Frame knee braces £400 a pair
Supplier: apico.co.uk
Contact: 01282 483190


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