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Bike Mag: Serious Noggin’ Protection for less than a Benjamin – Leatt DBX 2.0


“The DBX 2.0 was the best-ventilated and lightest-weight of the three, making it the most comfortable choice for all-day rides.”

Bike Mag knows that head protection is important, but you also don’t have to spend a fortune. They compared three of their favorite affordable helmets.

“When it comes to riding gear, no one piece of equipment is more important than a quality helmet. But until recently, buying an affordable one meant real compromise. Inexpensive options were simpler, heavier, offered less ventilation and lacked new features like MIPS. Serious riders had no choice but to spend close to $200 for a proper lid. Today, there are great-looking, feature-rich options that won’t break the bank. We compared three reasonably priced helmets to put this theory to the test: the Leatt DBX 2.0, the Bell 4Forty and the Giant Roost,” they said.

The new Leatt DBX 2.0 was designed to give you the same tech at a lower price compared to other designs.


“Leatt is the big name in neck braces, which emerged onto the motocross and downhill scenes in 2006. The South African company then continued to grow its reputation for protective equipment and expanded into helmets in 2015. Its line of full-face motocross and downhill lids recently expanded to include both a convertible and a standard half-shell helmet. The DBX 2.0 is the pared-down version of the 3.0. It’s missing the larger, adjustable visor, has decreased coverage around the back of the head and uses a standard buckle in lieu of the magnetic ‘Fidlock.’ Both helmets have 10 ‘360 Turbine Technology’ discs, which are, in essence, shock-absorbing pads designed to both soften smaller hits and deflect the helmet around impacts in a way that’s not unlike the commonplace MIPS technology.

The helmet sports 20 vents to keep the air flowing. It’s also the lowest-profile helmet of the bunch, sitting higher on the head and with less rear coverage. That all made it my first choice for mellower, warm-weather rides. When the going got spicier, the additional security of the more substantial 4Forty and Roost helmets were the more obvious options. The Leatt helmet had more of a perched feel, sitting high on my head rather than offering a more form-fitting feel like the Bell and the Giant helmets. The modern, wide strap-splitter on the Leatt was the only one to be found in the test, and it was a welcome sight indeed. On top of that, the DBX 2.0 was the best-ventilated and lightest-weight of the three, making it the most comfortable choice for all-day rides,” they said.

Read their full review HERE.


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