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This Just In: Kevin Windham to Join Team Puerto Rico, MXoN 2018

News recently broke that Ronnie Mac, Travis Pastrana and Ryan Sipes will be joining forces to represent Team Puerto Rico at the 2018 Motocross of Nations. The whole team over 30 years old and racing two-strokes…something you can’t miss!

Check out the vid below:

However, this week the announcement was made that Ronnie Mac will no longer be part of the team…but who will replace him? That was the question for several days. Now it has been announced that Kevin Windham will be taking Ronnie’s place.

Travis Pastrana posted on Instagram:

“As team manager I’m ecstatic to welcome KW to the team. No one else has more love from the fans than he does… and he is going to help support our end goal of helping others. It really says a lot about him to come back to racing for a good cause,” said Ricky Johnson, team coach and manager.

“While I am bummed Mac can’t race, we all knew it was a long shot. I’m just happy he came to me and the team with this idea and that we are going to able to finish what he helped start. Not many people know this, but my grandfather is from Puerto Rico and I still have ties to the island so I am especially pleased we are going to help. And we got Kevin Windham!!! He is my freaking idol! This is going to be fun!” commented Pastrana.

Just four days after the Federación de Motociclismo de Puerto Rico Inc. announced their 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations team, Team Puerto Rico managed to raise a total of  $15K USD already! This money will be donated to the Federation De Motociclismo who will put the funds to work throughout the Puerto Rican community.

“I’m more than honored to represent the team and Puerto Rico. After we announced our intention to qualify for Nations at Unadilla, the fans were ecstatic to support the cause. A family came up during the signing with words of encouragement, cash for a donation, and requested nothing in return. It’s amazing to see how tight knit this [the motocross] community is,” said Johnson.

“We are very proud and overwhelmed by the effort and support given to Puerto Rico by the mx industry and hope that we can accomplish much more moving forward,” commented Gabriel Catala, spokesman for the Federación de Motociclismo de Puerto Rico Inc.

Check out all the awesome merchandise you can purchase on their site here.

More info: www.ronsontop.com

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