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11 of the Best Heavy-Duty Kneepads by VitalMTB: Leatt 3DF 6.0 Knee Guard

VitalMTB selected and featured 11 of their ‘best heavy-duty knee pads’ in their latest feature.

Leatt 3DF 6.0 Highlights

  • Soft knee guard with co-molded hard shell sliders
  • Three types of protection: Standard foam side padding, center 3DF pad, and  co-molded hard shell
  • 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam
  • New anti-slip calf band and silicone grip lining
  • Silicone printed and adjustable non-slip leg straps
  • New anti-odor MoistureCool and AirMesh wicking fabrics
  • Pre-curved 3D design
  • Certification: EN1621-1 (level 1)
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
  • Weight: 490 grams (pair, size L, verified)
  • MSRP: $89.95 USD

Leatt’s 3DF 6.0 is another protector that combines both a hardshell and a softshell component to offer the best of both worlds. The external hardshell caps are molded to the fabric, and they are made out of two pieces to allow the whole thing to conform to the shape of the knee joint. There are generously sized auxiliary pads around the sides, and a sturdy strap at the top of the main body works together with a wide and sticky internal silicone strip to help the pad stay in place. The lower part of the protector is not adjustable, but it features integrated elastic straps that also help hold it in place. The rear part of the protector is made from thin mesh, and the area directly behind the knee joint is left completely open for comfort and breathability,” VitalMTB commented.

“On the trail, the 3DF 6.0 is very comfortable thanks to a soft internal liner and a generous cut. Although it can get a bit clammy directly behind the hardshell part, the overall ventilation and breathability is good. The cut works well for mountain biking, but it can feel a bit awkward over the lower leg when walking or standing. The 3DF 6.0 is also quite stable in use. We did find, however, that the lower part of the protector lacks a bit of elasticity, meaning the kneecap pad can sometimes move around a bit too easily. This issue is not helped by the fact that there are only three sizes to choose from, and our L/XL sample did feel pretty big at times. In terms of protection, the excellent hardshell/softshell combo and generous side padding are confidence inspiring and work well to protect you in a crash. In summary, a great piece of kit – only its perfectible fit/retention kept it from challenging for a better placement in this test,” they concluded.

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