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Downtime Podcast: The Leatt Neck Brace – Chris Leatt


Chris Hall from Downtime Podcast chatted to the founder of Leatt, Chris Leatt about his well-known neck brace invention.



“This week I’m joined by the founder and inventor of the Leatt Brace, Chris Leatt. We chat about his motivations for designing the brace in the first place, what it took to get it to market, how it’s tested, as well as discussing the concerns that some people have around the brace causing other injuries in a crash. We also chat about helmet technology and where that is headed. This is a really interesting look into a very scientific product, that is designed with protection of life at it’s core.”



Neck protection is an on-going mission at the Leatt Lab® and they keep improving on their existing models.

Bio-designed and proven to reduce risk of serious neck injury by up to 47%, Leatt’s neck braces are considered the gold standard of neck protection.

Designed to fit all riders comfortably, Leatt’s chassis is super adjustable whilst the structure remains very rigid during a crash. It has an engineered collarbone cut-out to help keep your helmet and brace away from your most fragile bones during a crash.





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