Doctors Travel Across Globe to Raise Money for Charity


Two Doctors, Two Bikes, Two Charities

South African doctors and a married couple, Matthew (‘Poodle’) and Megan Snyman, left the comfort of their home, jobs, their friends and their family behind to travel the globe on their bikes, raising money for charity along the way.

The idea was born from Matthew’s passion for all things travel and bike related. They also wanted to see the world, but not simply as tourists but rather ‘from the inside’. Aiming to not only explore the world but also to make a difference, they raise money for two charities namely Doctors Without Borders and Kind Cuts for Kids.

Before their trip, Matthew was in a motorcycle accident (2012) that left him in the hospital for six days, undergoing several surgeries on his right wrist. He has publicly thanked Leatt for the neck brace that he believed saved his life. The accident almost cost him his career. Read his story ‘Why You Should Wear a Leatt Neck Brace – From a Doctor Who Rides’ by clicking here.


Four months later, he was back on his bike and married Megan later that year. The planning for their travels started immediately.

A mere three months before they left, Megan got her bike license and they hit the road.

Their first journey ‘The Great American Trek’ started in September 2014 and took them from Argentina to Alaska.


Whilst they were nearing the end of their American Trek journey, they realized that the extreme weather conditions would prohibit them from reaching the northernmost tip of Alaska. Over some tequila, they decided that their next adventure would be to explore their home country and continent. They will now go through the Ethiopian highlands, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and lastly their home South Africa.

Leatt is proud to support the couple with their adventures and is looking forward to witnessing their journey. To follow them, like their Facebook page and check out their website.

Watch the last two years of their lives in just four minutes – as they travel through South America, North America, and Africa on their motorcycles in the video below:

All images and video property of Matthew and Megan Snyman:

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