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Desend Mountain Bike Announces Leatt Goggles as Product of the Month

When it comes down to the line, the Leatt Velocity has so much bang for a relatively small amount of buck. Amazing looks, great features and a solid construction all for £73. It is a cocktail that we like the taste of. The mixture of dark blue strap holsters and the light blue frame work very well. I can see these taking the place as the goggle of choice over my beloved Smith Squads. This is most definitely a home run from Leatt.”

Descend Mountain Bike has just chosen Leatt’s new goggles at their Product of the Month! Keep reading and watch the video below to find out why they decided to pick these goggles.

“Leatt are a company well know for protection. Having used the knee pad for a number of years, they do some great equipment. So how have they weighed up against the competition when it comes to their new goggle? The new Velocity 6.5 goggle is a clear contender for any of the other high end competitors out there. The super clean and quality look to this setup shines through from the first look. When considering that these goggles are almost half the price of others such as the Oakley Air Break, things are looking up.”

“As you can tell, there is a boatload of great features that the Velocity 6.5 has to offer. One of the first key points that stands out for us would be the anti fog lens. If you live in the UK its never sunny for long. This anti fog lens comes in very handy when riding in the slop that is normal here. It will also stop the need to sling the goggles around to clear the mist before dropping into a run. The simple lens removal and refit is also something that we like. The idea to use the Strap holster to clip onto the lens for extra hold is cleverly thought out.”

“Out on a ride wearing goggles is always a handy thing, only the other day whilst not wearing a pair I almost took my eye out. But if the fit is not right it is hard to wear a set for a prolonged time. The Leatt Velocity fits like a glove. With plenty of room where you need it in the nasal area, it helps keep an unrestricted air flow. No struggle to breath when out on a long ride. There is also great field of vision on offer, no foam stopping you from seeing the important things on a ride.”

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Photo credit: Descend Mountain Bike


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