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BMW Motorrad GS Trophy – Highlights Day 1-8

Catch the highlights of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy below. This year there were 18 teams from 21 nations all aiming to become the 2018 GS Trophy champions.


Day 1:

On day one, they travelled 477km (about 300km on road and 177 off-road) in total and started in Ulaanbaatar, then headed south into the northern Gobi Desert. A very cold and windy start, but it warmed up later in the day.



Day 2:

It was a challenging second day for the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy. 234km of off-road racing in the Gobi desert. Warmer temperatures (about 22-32 °C) in strong wind (100km+). There were also four big crashes. We wish all those involved a speedy recovery!


Day 3:

After a grueling second day, the organizers of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy decided to make day three a transfer day. No competition, just riding! A sunny 25ºC, 195km ride in Camp Gobi Erdene, Mongolia.


Day 4:

Day four of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy was a sunny day of around 16ºC and the riders travelled 283 km. After a very windy night that threatened the tents and camping equipment in Camp Ongiin Nuuts, Mongolia, they embarked upon the course, all of which was off-road and some of it in sand.


Day 5:

A beautiful day five at the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy in Mongolia. A sunny/cloudy day, they travelled from Camp Ongiin Nuuts to Camp Munkh Tenger and covered 310km.


Day 6:

Day six of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy was a sunny/cloudy day of 21ºC, and they covererd 283km. Location: Camp Khatan Ugij, Mongolia.


Day 7: 

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Central Asia 2018. Day 7. Synopsis of Day 7. Location: Camp Hoyor Zagal (N 47o 19.574’ E 103o 46.513’) Weather: Sun, 34oC Course: 210 km, Camp Khatan Ugij to Camp Hoyor Zagal Terrain: Sand 60%, gravel 30% paved road 10% Tests: SP17: ‘Buhin Gol’, SP18 ‘Shell Challenge’.


Day 8:

Day eight and the final day of the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2018 in Central Asia. And the winner is…Team South Africa – again! A sunny 23°C, they covered a distance of 299km from Camp Hoyor Zagal to Chingisiin Khuree Terrain.



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