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Bike Magazine Tests Leatt Knee Guard 3DF 6.0: YOUR KNEES DESERVE PROTECTION

“Leatt has done an incredible job of mapping the pads to allow for freedom of movement without handicapping security.”

Bike Mag took our Leatt 3DF 6.0 Knee Guards for a spin and wrote a review about it.

The all-in-one 3DF 6.0 Knee Guard scores a grand total of 21 points in the Leatt protection rating system. CE tested and certified as impact protection, they are soft knee guards with additional co-molded hard shell sliders.

“In any contemporary car, there are airbags. They aren’t something you think about–until you crash. And when they’re called into action, if they work as intended, you’ll have your airbags to thank for your well-being. Good knee pads aren’t so different. They shouldn’t be something you think about–until rubber side is no longer down. When that happens, if they work as intended, you’ll have your knee pads to thank for your well-being–or at least your legs’ well-being. Break that down and there are two factors at work: comfort and protection. More of one usually results in less of the other, but maybe it doesn’t have to. Leatt’s Knee Guard 3DF 6.0 does a pretty damn good job of both,” they said.

Although flexible and soft, the sides are made of 3DF AirFit impact, designed to dampen all the hard knocks. The pre-curved design offers a perfect fit that is comfortable and will stay put thanks to the new anti-slip knee cap and calf band with a silicone grip lining. It is also made of a super perforated and vented Neoprene to keep you cool.

“This mixture of plastic and foam is way more protection than I’m used to, and I have to say, it is quite nice. The plastic shells are much more confidence-inspiring than other, lighter weight, foam pads. Not only could I safely assume the shells would better absorb impacts, but they’d slide and deflect instead of grab and stick if limb should meet land. Even on tight trails where clipping bars is an occupational hazard, I was channeling my inner racer and steering with my knees, pointing them around rocky corners where I usually keep everything tucked closer to the bike. I was less worried about the result of a wash out, I was going faster and sending harder. All of this was psychological and not actually anything the pads were necessary for, but the psychological advantage translated into real-world confidence. I was regularly riding faster and more aggressive because of it,” they commented.

“In reality, I only slammed once with the 3DF 6.0s on. I was moving at a pretty good clip and lost my front wheel through a sandy corner. Down I went. Hand out, shoulder to dust–stand up, shake it off. A second look made me realize the outside of my leg and knee took the brunt of the force. The plastic had a fresh gouge and the dusty tell-tale sign of a fall caked my knee guard. I hadn’t even felt it. That is a good enough indicator for me that I had these pads to thank for my legs’ well-being,” they said.

Are they comfortable?

“My freedom of movement aboard the bike wasn’t impeded in the slightest, and surprisingly, my legs didn’t overheat in the California sun, though that sun has been rather mild of late. Everyone has different tolerances for heat build-up that comes with any sort of protection. I’m not saying the 6.0s are air conditioners, but they’re far from being sweat saunas.  The numerous pads are held together with a perforated neoprene. The material offers extra protection against trail-rash, but also breathes. It doesn’t breathe quite enough that you can feel a breeze, but enough that they don’t trap warmth in an infinite feedback loop. The back is constructed from top to bottom of lightweight, extremely breathable mesh.”

CLICK HERE to read their full review.


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