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Bike Mag: Includes Leatt 3DF 6.0 Knee Guard in ‘Fresh Produce: Plastics’ Feature

“All in all, the 3DF Knee Gaurd offers a lot of protection in a small package.”

“Five points for the knee cup, four points for deflection, a point here, a point there, points everywhere! When you make your own point system, you can rank things however you want. Leatt has made its own point system and the Knee Gaurd 3DF 6.0 has been awarded 20 points. If it were me, I would award all my own products top honors every time. But Leatt seems to be a little more honest with its rating system. The 3DF 6.0’s are rated on five areas of protection, each one on a five-point scale: the knee cup (five points), the shin (two points), the sides (three points), the handlebar (five points–because who hasn’t slammed a knee into a stem before) and deflection (four points). If you’re counting, that’s 19 points, not 20, but we think the 3DF 6.0’s deserve a point for attendance. All in all, the 3DF Knee Gaurd offers a lot of protection in a small package. It is breathable in the back, lightly padded on the side and has hard plastic up front. Slide them on and go score some points on the trail,” they said.

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