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 reviewed Leatt’s DBX 4.0 Fullface Helmet and 6.5 Velocity Goggles on Bermstyle.com


“Leatt has been on the cutting edge of protective gear for some time.”


“I’ve been rocking them on all my gravity-fueled rides with great results. Certifed to full DH safety standards, the helmet is aimed at enduro racers and trail riders…”

The best part of this helmet is that it fits and feels like a DH helmet — just a really, really, light one.”

“…the DBX pairs extremely well with the Leatt Goggles,”


“The lens on the goggle is bulletproof, and why wouldn’t you want that level of protection?”

“The DBX is a strong contender in this category, clicking the buttons in terms of weight, breathability, and comfort.

They look pretty badass too.”


“Comfort is tied to how well a helmet wicks and breathes, and that is where the DBX 4.0 stands out.… a lighter helmet that is more comfortable just makes the ride better. It also means you can react and move faster, which results in improving riding performance…a lighter helmet means I actually crash less…”


“Leatt not only supplied the link to this video, but a sample lens that had been fired at with a 22 rifle.  It’s pretty darn impressive.

“As with most things Leatt, they look great and feel good on the face, nailing the comfort factor. There are a few crucial items we look for in a goggle: comfort/fit, protection and not fogging up. The Velocity nails all of this.”

“…these goggles could make thdifference between a minor or life-threatening injury and that’s kind of a big deal.”

“Besides the exceptional level of protection, the lens features anti-fog built-in, and this can’t be praised enough.”

“I also happen to love the look of the removable nose guard”


Read the full review here.


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