Leatt®Knowledge Library

Leatt White Paper

Research and Development Efforts towards the Production of the Leatt-Brace® Moto GPX Unrestrained Torso Neck Brace

Swedish Motorcycle and Snowmobile Association letter to Leatt

A letter from SVEMO, the Swedish Motorcycle- and Snowmobile Association, regarding casualties in 2011.

Cervical Injury Statistics

Statistics on Cervical Injuries


Leatt Corporation is dedicated to gathering and analyzing all information with a likely bearing on the performance of the Leatt-Brace®. The real world of competitive motorsport is our ultimate test laboratory and the experiences of Leatt-Brace® wearers is one of the most valuable sources of product information for us. Please help LEATT® stay informed about our products. We ask that any events, incidents or reports that come to your attention, involving the performance of LEATT® products, be sent as soon as possible by way of email: [email protected] or by following the link above. These reports do not replace or diminish the activities and importance of the company’s internal Injury Assessment Program (please see the relevant link above). Riders involved in accidents, while wearing the Leatt-Brace® are encouraged to complete our Injury Assessment Form (by following the relevant link on this page), supply photos, narratives and medical documents and return damaged braces for examination. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help LEATT® with its ongoing technical innovation.