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We get why you do what you do. And we get that chasing down the Thrill comes at a cost. So we’ve got you covered. With an ever evolving range of helmets, body armor, braces, guards, hydration systems, apparel – whatever it takes to keep the committed Thrill seeker safer.

Yours is a confidence game. And we’re in the business of making sure that you have the confidence and the equipment to push yourself faster, harder and further than you thought you could go.

Because that’s where the Thrill lies.



The weekend after Chris Leatt’s son starts riding, he witnesses the death of fellow rider, Alan Selby. He is moved to design his first neck brace prototypes.


Dr Leatt sells the first Leatt® neck brace in South Africa.


At EICMA, BMW documents the Leatt® neck brace. Later that year, the final mass produced versions of the neck brace finally make it to market. Dr Leatt and Andreas Geisinger introduce the product at the 6th International Motorcycle Conference in Cologne, Germany.

First Leatt-Brace® is marketed.

Racer X’s product of the year.


The Leatt® neck brace is featured on the cover of Racer X and is awarded Product of the Year by the same publication.

Motocross Action gives Leatt® a 5/5 star product rating.

A critically injured David Bailey releases a video encouraging the use of the Leatt® neck braces for all riders. Demand for the product spikes.


World renowned Leatt® Lab is founded.


Leatt® receives the SAMIA Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement.

Transworld Motocross: editor’s choice – best new product of the year.

Racer X: best product of the decade.

Motocross Action’s readers vote – decade’s most significant product.

Freeride magazine: winner of the Eurobike Innovations Award.

Dirt Bike magazine: product of the year.


DBX, the first bicycle-specific neck brace system, is introduced and wins the BrandNew Award (in the Safety Equipment category) at BikeExpo in Germany.

Downhill Mountain Bike star, Sam Hill, returns from an injury to take the World Championships while wearing this new DBX brace.

Ryan Dungey wins the SuperCross Championship wearing the GPX neck brace.

Racer X: Reader’s choice.


The STX neck brace for road/commuting motorcycle riders is introduced at the Dealer EXPO in February

Transworld Motocross: product of the year


Transworld Motocross Magazine awards “Product Of The Year” to the new chest protector Pro Lite remarking on it’s unsurpassed levels of protection.

Racer X: Reader’s choice.


Leatt introduces the Fusion 2.0 Junior (now the 2.5), the company’s first product designed specifically for children that includes upper-body and neck protection, and the 5.5 Neck brace (and now the GPX 6.5 Carbon), a new generation of the classic Leatt neck brace.

Cyril Despres wins his 5th Dakar race wearing the GPX neck brace, along with Leatt body protection and a Leatt hydration system.

MRX automotive head and neck restraint system is introduced at the Performance Racing Industry trade show.

Racer X magazine rates Leatt neck braces as the Reader’s Choice for neck protection for the 5th year in a row.

Press launch of the Leatt C-Frame knee brace.


The company introduces its new knee brace designed for off-road motorcycling at the ISPO in Munich, one of the largest trade shows for outdoor, ski and performance sports gear in the world.

PPS Moto Protective Gear Company of the Year Award.

Racer X: Reader’s choice for brand of neck brace owned.


World of Mountainbike magazine in Germany awards Leatt their “Best of 2016” Award.

Eurobike Design & Innovation Awards (The Leatt DBX 5.0 Helmet and DBX Enduro Lite WP 2.0 hydration pack)

Racer X 2016 Reader’s Choice votes Leatt #1 neck protection.

Leatt is #1 neck brace to buy in VitalMX Audience Review second year in a row.


3.5 Neck Brace wins Eurobike and Interbike awards

Stay tuned for the next exciting milestone from Leatt.


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